Evan Wong and Eugene Wong Launch New Show Called “Jurni to a Million” on the Jurni.tv Network

Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong: Jurni.tv, a new TV network platform that features rising stars, up-and-coming personalities, and entrepreneurial stories from around the world, this week announced they have added a new show to their roster: Jurni.tv to a Million. 

Following brothers Evan and Eugene Wong who are successful Hong Kong affiliate marketers today, Jurni.tv to a Million provides viewers with strategic inside tips, and tricks into securing serious cash flow through an affiliate funnel.

We spoke to the Wong brothers, here’s what they had to say: “We aren’t those get-rich-quick digital millionaires driving around sports cars today; rather, we’re two brothers who went from 10k in debt to 6-figure earners using nothing but affiliate marketing,” said Evan. “We want to share our story with people everywhere to show them that anyone can do what we did. You don’t have to accept low income and corporate 9-to-5 jobs as a reality any longer.”

In Evan’s latest video, he gets a bit more personal with viewers, going over finishing his last semester of university as opposed to taking the banking job offer he had received. He decided, instead, to dive full-time into his online business, and over the last 8-months, his life changed and shifted completely. 

“There is so much I have learned in 2020 alone, which I want to share with as many people as possible,” said Evan. “The internet is an amazing thing today – I reach millions of people worldwide looking to create a different reality for themselves. We’re on a mission to be as transparent as possible with our viewers, so they can develop and refine their own approach to internet domination.”

The two young entrepreneurs are rapidly making a name for themselves as growing leaders in the affiliate marketing space. They both share a New 5 Step Framework Behind Their Rapid Success to Affiliate Domination. By boiling their process down to 5 simple steps, they are able to reach double the viewers looking to make affiliate marketing the center of their business. 

Jurni to a Million will continue to feature tactics and approaches to building a 7-figure business today. The show will help viewers discover the secrets behind launching multiple 6-figure businesses, tapping into the latest strategies to scale a profitable online business, and overcoming challenges and self-doubt as a blossoming entrepreneur. The show airs every Wednesday at 5:30PM EST Live on YouTube and Facebook.

To subscribe to the Jurni to a Million Show today, visit: https://jurni.tv/million

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