Event Management May Be Down at the Moment, but It Definitely Isn’t Out Says Mohd Badar

Speaking about the plight of the industry he belongs to, Badar says, “The event and entertainment industry is going through challenging times since the outbreak of the corona virus. 

 Badar says that this is not the time to give up and sit back.  He says, “In the present scenario, event organizers need to reconsider their business strategies, the options before them and decide their priorities. They need to balance the two main outstanding issues – to look after the physical health and safety of their workforce and associates and to maintain the financial health of their business.”

Further he added that Event professionals will remember 2020 forever — a year that has redefined the industry forever. The new safety concerns, the rise of virtual events. As a result, the landscape for 2021 is profoundly changed.

Full recovery may take some time but it is possible, and event management professionals are making good use of this time to find ways to improve the current online and hybrid experience for participants and for post-pandemic planning

Despite all the challenges, there are some who have managed to weather the storm unscathed, with slightly over a third of respondents indicating that they experienced no negative impact at all. Mohd Badar believes that more and more event planning businesses will adjust to new industry demands over time: “A lot of people are still trying to get up to speed, so those numbers reflect what we’ve been seeing. As we get more and more sophisticated, I’m looking forward to seeing that number continue to come up. This industry is incredibly resilient, and that’ll pay dividends in the future

We can say that Event management may be down at the moment, but it definitely isn’t out.

In conversation with BHN NEWS Mohd Badrudduja told that I feel in the next three-four months, majority of the population in the world will be vaccinated and we will be able to start doing Event with ‘conditions apply’, perhaps from April onwards. It depends on what is the situation and then it’s not something which we can access right now. They’re all subjective.

I feel the live industry is going to be bigger than what it was. In the same way people shut down everything, people will open up when they are safe and clear. The day, this fear of spreading COVID, is over, you will see unprecedented rise in the live entertainment industry. A physical interaction is all about what life is. Why do people go to the concert, why do people go to halls or multiplexes – it’s the experience! That’s why it’s called experiential industry. Physical experience can never be completely replaced by anything else.

We can expect 2021 to be a year of rebuilding, the first of many. The industry will need to face one of the most severe losses of talent ever faced. With furlough schemes in different countries drying out and massive layoffs, many will leave the industry for good.

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