Everest Business Funding Reveals How to Tell If Your Marketing is Growing Your Brand

A marketing exercise reveals the power of marketing and how it runs parallel with business success, compares different brands, and what adjectives describe those brand images.

For example, when looking at the Starbucks brand logo, consumers described it as warm, robust, refreshing and used other adjectives surrounding the idea that Starbucks sold accredited coffee.

However, when that same group looked at the Caffè Nero brand logo, many did not even recognize the brand, a coffeehouse company.

As a marketer, determining which marketing efforts to apply and which ones need work should be a part of basic knowledge to execute a marketing goal properly. Growth marketing uses technology and data to enhance marketing results and generates loyal consumers who advocate for the brand.

Everest Business Funding, assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners with alternative finance options and revenue-based funding, offers these tips on how to tell if a marketing campaign is working:

Tip #1: Try YouTube Ads

YouTube is increasing in favor as a means of television for younger generations. Choosing YouTube as a platform to run ads is affordable and can help show how many people and views the ad is reaching. In addition, how-To videos bring value to those who watch them and make for more effective advertising as it catches the audience’s attention.  

Tip #2: Target Consumer Experience

The end goal of growth marketing is to gain a life-long consumer. To ensure customers have the best possible experience with a company, marketing teams should go through the entire marketing process from the consumer’s perspective to resolve any hidden issues. When a company sees customers return multiple times and promote the brand, they know their consumer experience process is gaining a return.  

Tip #3: A/B Testing

A/B testing, also known as split or multivariate tests, is a fantastic strategy to see which campaign ads are working best through online avenues. This strategy allows marketers to directly compare two versions of an online marketing resource such as a webpage, blog post, mobile application, or social media post. Through A/B testing, marketers can track which online marketing avenue produced the most clicks, audience engagement, comments, and sales.

Tip #4: Understand Different Tools

Multiple tools and strategies surround growth marketing, and marketers should understand and utilize the ones that best fit their marketing goals. A growth marketer needs to know how to collect and use data when finding the best strategy and what data types best reflect a path towards successful growth.  

Tip #5: Create a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs help bring in and keep customers. The term “loyalty” in a loyalty program speaks for itself as marketers executing growth marking want to generate loyal customers.

Growth marketers can also use loyalty programs to measure consumer engagement, whether the program is a points-based system adding up to a free product or a free month’s subscription.

A referral program can also go hand-in-hand with a loyalty program to show how often loyal consumers spread the word about the company.

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