Every Music Producer Needs a Lawyer in the Music Industry: Meet Julian Cordero

Pursuing a career in the music industry can be extremely challenging not just because of the extreme competition but for its close-knit environment. It is extremely common that budding talent in the music industry meet several people who want to take advantage by offering unfair contracts.

This is no different when it comes to music producers. Sometimes, the music producer is compelled to give in to such deals because he feels his career will be at stake if his record is dropped. This is where a music lawyer plays an important role, helping producers negotiate the best deals possible. Julian Cordero is a renowned name in this field. He has a list of very successful clients who are storming the industry under his guidance.

Julian Cordero is a music lawyer and a former music producer who initially started his journey as a corporate lawyer. To pursue his love for music and utilize his knowledge of law, Julian started his own practice, “Cordero Law”, in 2015. As Julian himself has been a music producer, his understanding of the difficulties of a budding music producer is unparalleled.

Julian is determined to help his clients by negotiating the best possible deal to scale their careers. This might seem unnatural to his contemporaries in the field but his approach has earned Julian many positive reviews from his clients. The grateful and kind messages on his social media profile testify to his expertise in guiding new producers in the music industry.

Julian has worked with several producers in the industry who have collaborated with top artists like Drake, A Boogie, Lil Durk, and NBA Youngboy. Julian has also represented his clients beyond the music industry to become music producers of blockbuster movies.

According to Julian, the relationship between the client and the lawyer should be purely based on trust. This mentality has helped him earn the confidence of his clients quickly and learn what they want to achieve. Julian meets the client’s expectations in a unique way that is often better than what the client had imagined for himself.

Julian knows that just like a label or a popular artist, a music lawyer can also make or break a producer’s career. He wants newbies in the industry to be careful about who they hire to scale their careers.

Instead of choosing the first lawyer they have consulted, it is always better to talk to several others and decide to choose the lawyer who has a reputation for honest commitment and a reputation for delivering results.

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