Everything you Need to Know About Alok Khanna aka Aky Handsome

The market for video game streaming has grown multifold over the last decade. While the industry struggles to find its place in the larger context of the gaming industry, it is nonetheless a solid source of monetization for professional gamers.

By learning the skills needed to become a successful streamer, you can learn what it takes to make a living playing video game. Many individual streamers on YouTube have been able to reach incredible levels of success doing precisely that. Like Alok Khanna, aka Aky Handsome, who connects with his audience by uploading weekly videos on Youtube and frequently on Instagram.

How did Alok Khanna, aka Aky Handsome, start his journey?

Alok Khanna, aka Aky Handsome, is a 35-year-old Doctor, Model, and Gamer from Norway who has always worked hard on his dreams. He got started in this line of work due to his passion for entertainment. He always had a deep desire to be a film actor.

He knew that he wanted to start FollowTheX to help boost his chances of growing further in the field of entertainment. In October 2019, he got the breakthrough as he became a model and started FollowTheX, which provides demographics, including gaming and tech, movies and TV, travel, and luxury goods.

He is a certified doctor and branded as a Social Media Influencer and regularly uploads videos on Youtube and Instagram which are aimed to help people in mental, physical and social betterment. For Alok Khanna, his brand philosophy is that a face should represent a brand with authority. He doesn’t endorse gambling, smoking, alcohol, or nudity. The only thing he preaches is the products and services which he is connected to and believes in.

What are the milestones that Alok Khanna aka Aky Handsome has achieved in his career?

Alok Khanna is a well-known user who has achieved many accolades for his knowledge across various topics. His career is a reflection of his work ethic, perseverance, and hard work. In 2018 he won the title of “Best Doctor” in his staff.

His youtube channel has collaborated with youtube multiple times to win roles for upcoming YouTube content creators. He loves working with new and forthcoming Youtubers and helping them to become successful on the platform. Apart from that, He is affiliated with various companies for advertising, reviewing, and blogging.

What are the goals and plans of Alok Khanna, aka Handsome?

Alok Khanna, aka Aky Handsome, dreams of growing his company further and continuing to grow as an individual. On a social level, he hopes to continue growing on social media and Youtube.

He wants to continue supporting other content creators and streamers and provide advice to people with mental or physical health issues. Lastly, he dreams of collaborating with big companies for his own goals and future projects. He plans on using social media and Youtube to maintain his brand and support other creators.


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