Everything You Need to Know About Bubble Mailer

If you’ve been trying to find a formidable way of packaging and shipping your items safely, then you should not worry anymore. Though it has been here with us for quite some time, using a bubble mailer is the most effective and secure way of sending mail today. But what is a bubble mailer?

Well, typically, a bubble mailer is a mailing material that has been designed with an inner that is not only adhesive but waterproof as well. Due to its design and protective nature, a bubble mailer is used today for commercial and industrial purposes.

While 000 bubble mailers may be widely used today, a vast majority of users don’t have the faintest idea about how a bubble mailer came to existence. This article will go into detail on every aspect you need to know about a bubble mailer. Read along to find out.

History of Bubble Mailers

Although a vast majority of shipping enthusiasts would consider bubble mailers to be an impressive innovation, you will be surprised to know that bubble mailers came into existence by mistake. In actual sense, bubble mailers were first developed as bubble wraps in 1957 by Marc Chavannes, a chemist from Switzerland, and Alfred Fielding.

Ideally, the two innovators were trying to create an attractive wallpaper material that would capture the attention of young members of the Beat Generation. Initially, the two inventors tried to merge two pieces of a plastic shower curtain, and to their surprise, the end product was a material with air bubbles trapped inside.

Although this was the case, it wasn’t until years later, and with many improvements, the inventors decided to use the bubble wraps for packaging and mailing purposes. Their success can largely be attributed to IBM’s 1401 processing system, which was first shipped securely with bubble mailers. To this day, bubble mailers are the most secure and desirable way to ship products worldwide.

When Should You Use a Bubble Mailer?

Although bubble mailers have tremendously gained fame over the years, it’s imperative to remember that they cannot be used for transporting every item. For instance, you cannot expect a car engine to be transported successfully and securely by merely using a bubble mailer. Regardless of the actual bubble mailer’s size, it’s not designed for transporting motor vehicle engines. So, when should you use a bubble mailer?

When Shipping Flat, Solid Items

If you are looking to send a flat tangible item that requires extra padding, you should always go for a bubble mailer. More specifically, this mailer comes in handy when you are transporting or mailing flat items that are incredibly fragile and require extra care.

Everyday items to transport using a bubble mailer include CDs, jewelry, small electronics, and books. The best thing about using bubble mailers when transporting these items is that they keep your items free of any dent, scratch, and safety always.

Soft Items

Another great way of using bubble mailers is whenever you are sending soft items. This includes things that are made from fabrics such as pieces of clothing, high-end blankets, and towels, among others. Simultaneously, you can use bubble mailers to ship other materials such as t-shirts when making deliveries to your customers.

Not only will this look plush to your customers, but using bubble mailers to ship your delicate items such as t-shirts to your clients goes a long way in guaranteeing the security of your customer’s package.

Due to their adhesive and waterproof nature, bubble mailers ensure that all delicate items remain free of any grease as well as water. This goes a long way in ensuring that all your fragile items arrive free of oil and water.

Why You Should Use Bubble Mailers

There are myriads of reasons as to why you should use bubble mailers for all your mailing needs. Let’s take a look at some of them.

They Can be Recycled

If you are an ardent believer in conserving the environment, you should probably consider using bubble mailers. More specifically, bubble mailers made of Kraft paper are easily recyclable. Kraft paper is specifically made from trees and is an integral component of all bubble mailers in making them biodegradable.

They Are Waterproof

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of bubble mailers is that they are resistant to moisture. The bubble lining inside the Kraft paper ensures that all your content is kept free of any possible water. This way, you can rest assured that all your mailed content will remain to arrive at its destination safely.

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