Everything you Need to Know About The Simonetta Lein Show via SLTV Season 3 Launch

After two seasons, the Simonetta Lein show has been immensely successful by bringing high-profile guests like Bob Saget, Tommy Chong, Jodie Sweetin, Danny Trejo, Candace Cameron Bure, Lou Ferrigno, Jay Shetty, Darius McCrary (Family Matters), and many more A-listers plus her game-changing top-notch Entrepreneurs Panel to the audiences. The show has surpassed 100+ million views. A top-rated celebrity talk show recognized as the number one show in short form hosted by none other than number# 1 TV Host, The Simonetta Lein Show is rated the #27 show on Earth surpassing several notable names including Michelle Obama; thanks to the show’s diverse lineup and refreshing content.

With the third season starting, viewers are definitely in for a real treat. Simonetta continues enticing viewers with her guest list and stimulating interviews this season with celebrities like Joe Mantegna (The Godfather III), Steve-O (MTV Jackass), and comedian Tom Green on the upcoming roster. “The guests truly make the show,” says Simonetta, nominated one of the top five influencers in the world. “Viewers enjoy the breadth of perspectives and the enlightening opinions they share.”

With 2021 now in full swing, people are coming together and sharing ideas bringing inspiration and tenacity to the forefront of our minds. Last year was no walk in the park. As we emerge from a year that completely rocked the world as we know it, celebrities, influencers, thought leaders, and creators are standing strong in the face of adversity, providing messages of hope and resilience. Simonetta is launching the third season of her show committed to the idea of empowerment after a tough year.

I​t’s clear to viewers that the show isn’t afraid to ask questions that matter. Excited and grateful to give back to her viewers, Simonetta is launching this season, with even more powerful entrepreneurs including sharks from the infamous Shark Tank.

Social change is at the core of everything Simonetta does, and she will continue that as season three unfolds on The Simonetta Lein Show. “Many of these celebrities serve their communities in a myriad of ways,” states Simonetta. “Discussing that alongside their intentions brings service to the forefront as we all recover from the impacts of 2020. What can we do for our communities as we move forward?” With a community-driven focus and human element, season three looks both groundbreaking and entertaining.

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