Everything You Need to Know about the Youth Icon Mrinal Kishor Owner of Bobis Group Of Companies

A determined and dedicated soul always competes with itself to achieve the dreams &
goals of life. Mrinal Kishor Singh, a young entrepreneur from Bihar is the perfect
example of a determined soul who fulfilled his dreams through various struggles. His
complete life is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs not only in Bihar but across
the world.

If one has to learn the methods ok making things happen in minimum
resources, he should learn it from Mrinal! His journey was not so easy but is a great
example of how not to step back and how to do our best in the most critical situations.

Mrinal Kishor Singh

He is the Founder of Bobis Group Of Companies. It is one of the leading event &
Exhibition Companies and providers of IT Security Solutions in India.

Bobis India is definitely a Bihar-based company, but its services are not limited to the
state and also offer services to other states including Jharkhand, Delhi, and Orissa to
name a few.

Early Life

Mrinal Kishor comes from a middle-class family and his childhood has been like an
ordinary middle-class child. He was born in 1990 in the Samastipur district of Bihar.

He has been very lucky in terms of upbringing and education. His parents never
compromised to fulfill any of his wishes. However, the family had their share of hardship on their plate, like every other middle-class family. His father was the only earning member in the family. Thus, wanted Mrinal to study hard and do something
good for him as well as for his family.

Mrinal initially didn’t know much about choosing a career, thus, he decides to take Fashion Designing as a career opportunity. Hence, he came to Patna and took admission to NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Designing). Mrinal being a naïve and small-town boy started his City life without knowing that this could be a turning point in his life.

College Days

Getting admission to prestigious NIFT College is a dream to many, but Mrinal didn’t get the air of being a NIFTIAN in his head. He studied a lot but was not satisfied as his heart wants to do something better than this. Apart from studies, he then started to organize college events, participated in seminars as well as started taking up management courses. It was his keen interest in managing an event, he then realized!

First-Ever Achievement

Mrinal was acknowledged by his college authorities as “Best Event Coordinator”. the moment Mrinal held the trophy in hand, he thought this is what he wants to do in his life. This is what made him happy, contended, and complete.

Tough Decision

The moment he decided his life goal, Mrinal left NIFT! He came back to his hometown. His parents were in distress as they came to know that their son has left the education. They were a bit furious and it was obvious though! His father who was the only earning member in the family requested him to join the college again, but Mrinal was firm on his decision and was focused on his life goal.

Foundation of Bobis Group of Companies

They say, “God helps to them, those who help themselves” Mrinal struggled hard to achieve his dreams. He got his first paid job in Mahindra, a leading brand in India. To learn more, also to help his father, he took the job.

After a lot of struggle and hardship, Mrinal finally established Bobis Group of Companies. To our wonders, this is not only a popular company in Bihar but is one of the leading Event & Exhibition companies of India. Bobis has a record of bringing a lot of celebrities on board. Not only this, the company is best known for giving opportunities to the aspirants who want to fulfill their dreams.

Mrinal’s Work Journey

Mrinal has proposed many unique ideas in the field of events. “Vasant Utsav” is one of the most popular Government events organized in Bihar by Mrinal Kishor. He proposed the idea of celebrating Vasant Utsav in Bihar in front of Mr. Nitish Kumar, Honorable CM of Bihar. The entire team of Bobis Entertainment was felicitated on the successful organization of this huge event. Bobis Group was established in 2016, within just 4 years the company is doing wonders in the field of Event organization.

“What I am today is the fruit of opportunities I got and the amazing team I have”, proudly says Mrinal Kishor Singh. He has an absolute gem of persons in his team who are hard-working and dedicated
towards their work.

Life Mission

Presently, Mrinal is the owner of 12 companies. The only reason to work in different sectors is to get knowledge of all these fields. His life mission is not earning money or fame, but doing something for society. He wants to create good career opportunities for the aspirants.

As well all know, Mrinal is a self-made personality. He knows what difficulties & struggles he had faced in achieving his dream. Therefore, he wants to support the young talents in India in building something of their own, especially in the field of
entertainment, event management, etc.

Mrinal is a man full of passion and truly believes in creativity and hard work. He is indeed an inspiration to all those who want to chuck the monotony of middle-class life and build their empire.

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