Blockchain technology is going to change the world… one CryptoKitty at a time. Okay, but for real… It may be hard to believe that the same foundational tech enabling us to trade collectible digital kittens (for millions of dollars) has the potential to put a real dent in some of the world’s biggest problems, but it’s true. This is how it all starts: curious investors identify the potential to make money, that money fuels innovation until eventually, after enough iterations, that innovation creates meaningful change in the world.

It’s easy to laugh at the absurd amount of money being poured into CryptoKitties, but don’t ignore the fact that it’s a working demonstration of a scarce digital asset marketplace wrapped in an unassuming kitty-themed package. The big bankers are acquainted with blockchain because it’s the most obvious use case for distributed ledger technology. We are only nearing the beginning of seeing novel real-world blockchain use cases which seek to make a lasting social impact on our society.

ExsulCoin is one of the rising blockchain startups determined to leverage the latest technology to rise the standards of living for people in need.

ExsulCoin: Improving Day-to-Day Life for Refugees

ExsulCoin wants to use blockchain technology to help solve the global refugee crisis. Over 28,000 people each day are forced to flee their homes due to violence or persecution. Once situated, most refugees spend 10-15 years in exile, lacking specialized education and work opportunities to help them fit into their new surroundings.

This is where ExsulCoin and the ExsulChain platform intend the help. The ExsulChain platform is an online, on-chain decentralized marketplace designed to meet the unique needs of vulnerable populations. Through ExsulChain, refugees can list requests for assistance, or vote on other requests listed by other refugees, similar to a GoFundMe page.

The ExsulChain platform is also home to the nanowork marketplace. Nanowork is defined as small tasks which are essential to the completion of projects. These tasks can vary from brief in-person assistance requests such as, “Please help me move this heavy furniture”, to remote tasks capable of being completed from anywhere in the world like, “Please help my son answer math question number 5 for his homework”.

All interactions made on the ExsulChain network are done with the native “XUL” token. XUL is an ERC-20 compliant token managed through the ExsulCoin wallet. Anyone is free to create an ExsulCoin wallet, which requires minimal setup to get going. In locations where contact information isn’t available, Exsul will deploy onboarding teams to help users create and record wallet information.

High-Quality Education Available Anywhere

The Exsul team believes that providing easy-to-access high-quality education for refugees has the potential to make a big impact. The current challenges in refugee education today revolve around discrimination, cost of transportation, being placed in classes based on age instead of ability, and of course, the language barrier. Exsul aims to solve these challenges with mobile delivery of personalized education.

Users of Exsul’s education app will be presented with a dynamic list of courses personalized to meet their individual goals and interests. Educational achievement earned through the Exsul education app is recorded and linked to the user’s ExsulCoin wallet, creating an immutable record in the blockchain of their accomplishment. Over time these achievements will add up, leaving the user with concrete evidence of their personal abilities to show potential employers of real-world paid work scenarios.

ExsulCoin ‘XUL’ Token Sale Now Live

ExsulCoin’s pre-sale has officially started and will run through April 10th. 4% of the total 3.6 billion XUL supply is up for sale with a 0.1 ETH minimum purchase requirement and a cap of 144,000 ETH.

The ExsulCoin team does not plan to retain any tokens for themselves, though 15% of total supply will be distributed to refugees at no cost, and 30% will be saved for community initiatives. The remaining 50% will be reserved for token stability.

For more information on how you can participate in the ongoing XUL crowd sale, visit the official ExsulCoin website by clicking here.Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the author. Influencive does not endrose or review brands mentioned.

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