Excelling Beyond Boundaries as a Foodpreneur in Delhi is Waffle Affairs’ Founder, Kunal Devani.

Isn’t it amazing to learn about all those people who exude a different level of madness and passion for their careers? Well, most of them, especially youngsters, have totally astounded people with their innate skills and abilities to make a unique niche for themselves in their chosen industries.

Over the years, we might have heard about many big players in the food and beverages industry, but a few rare gems of the industry have shown the world what it takes to become the best foodpreneurs out there. Kunal Devani’s name tops the list of such successful foodpreneurs across Delhi.

If anything, that ever fascinated Kunal Devani the most, it was all things parties and food. He was known for throwing happening parties at home and events in clubs with some great food, and the response he used to receive for the same was incredible. Kunal Devani understood what his heart sought and felt getting into the food and beverages industry was the best career choice for him.

As a youngster, he began building his empire and today has to his credit many food outlets that are doing exceedingly well in their niches. He has organized more than 50 parties in his career so far and has been a part of the industry for the last five years.

For his love for food and party culture, Kunal Devani always felt he needed to do something unique and thus to cater to all food lovers; first, he began with his dessert shop called ‘Waffle Affairs’, a quick-service restaurant and then began his second food affair with his restaurant named ‘The Second Affair’, followed by Showstopper and a terrace café called ‘SkyNest’.

Kunal Devani did not stop here; he started a fitness food takeaway outlet named Lean Kitchen for the health-conscious ones. Not just this, he also originated ‘GK Hospitality, ’ his newest business for interiors for cafes and offices.

He has worked relentlessly in his career to reach where he is today but still feels he has a long way to go and for that wants to explore much more in the industry and come up with more of his food businesses to cater to more people. To connect with him, follow him on Instagram @kunal_devani.

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