Excelling Beyond Boundaries as one of the Finest Talents in the Crypto Trading World is Nenad (Neno) Korof.

His passion, dedication, and resilience helped him carve his unique niche in the vast entrepreneurial world.

The way the world and its various business industries are growing, it is a sight to behold; thanks to the many advances and developments various industries have seen so far and most importantly, the relentless hard work of young talented minds behind the same. The people who go ahead in making it huge in the business world are the ones who are ready to go under the grind and give it all to become their best versions as an entrepreneur. What better example today than the life and journey of a young serial entrepreneur named Nenad (Neno) Korof? This young talent has shown what it really takes to become the best in what one does and also shows how it is to be done.

Being a multi-millionaire while still being under 30 is a huge feat achieved by their Serbian-born talent, who belongs to humble family background, now residing in Canada. There is a reason why he has reached the top of the business world. Nenad Korof grew up as a man who believed in doing the different. He aimed to create something of his own, something that he could feel proud about, much different than any 9-5 job structure and providing value to people. Working for a company in Oakville in the sales and finance department made Nenad Korof realized what he didn’t want from life. This took him towards another industry – the network marketing niche. This changed his life as he learned the power of residual income. Nenad Korof launched his own MLM company and even made it the 3rd largest MLM forex company in North America.

During the process of making it huge in network marketing, he got introduced to forex and that changed his life forever. After struggling for three years and losing $50,000, at the age of 19, Nenad Korof made his first million and since then, he has never looked back. To diversify money in 2017, Nenad Korof got involved with bitcoin, which allowed him to make $1 million in only nine months. Nenad Korof decided to spread his knowledge and insights about the same to make others successful and thus came into existence his online crypto trading and education platform, ‘Advance Crypto Academy’ (ACA), where he serves as the CEO.

ACA has become the number 1 across the world and so far has 16,000 students. They guide people towards trading, signals, and insights on what to invest in and do software development as well. Apart from that, he also holds webinars where his students can see his trades in real-time and make profits. Nenad Korof also has to his credit a landscaping and shisha lounge business and, with that, has dived deeper into entrepreneurship in various niches to build a strong empire of his, getting into a champagne brand called Ballers Champagne as a major shareholder.

Being a dropout from college to creating a multi-million business and becoming a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, angel investor, and mentor, Nenad Korof has shown that true passion and resilience can go a long way in turning ordinary individuals into extraordinary success stories. To find out more, follow him on Instagram @neno_nk.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.