Exclusive Interview With Bahare Salehnia, a Famous Iranian Photographer and Entrepreneur

Bahare Salehnia (born SEP ‎16, 1993) ‏is an Iranian photographer, ‏retoucher, ‏educator, ‏content creator, ‏Instagram influencer who is famous for her master class tutorial videos about photography ‎” ‏on her Instagram account named ‎“Baharesalehnia”. ‏

‏ ‏She was born in ‎“Qazvin”, ‏and currently living in Us. ‏Her mother was a literature university professor, ‏and she passed away some years ago. ‏Bahare has a younger brother named ‎“soroosh” ‏and her father is one of the people who encouraged her a lot in her success way. She got married for 2 years with “soroosh Darzi”

She grew a fast following, ‏about ‎500,000 ‏followers on Instagram over a year due to the practical content. Then after graduating from Imam Khomeini International university in Civil Engineering she started to follow her passion for photography. ‏She has taken several international courses and workshops in portrait photography such as Peter Coulson’s portrait workshop in New York. ‏

After a couple of years working as a portrait photographer and retoucher, ‏she found herself interested in teaching, ‏therefore, ‏she started holding brand new online photography courses called” Success with photography skills” ‏to share her knowledge and passion with others. ‏

‏She’s been holding online mobile photography and professional photography courses currently for people all over the world and making tutorial content for her followers about photo editing by smartphone, ‏photography poses and tips.

‏Her most impressive characteristic personality is that she’s exactly herself and doesn’t follow anyone.

‏Her photography contents are useful and easy to learn for everyone who has just a smartphone and likes to use its camera perfectly.

‏Bahare is inspiring for all who want to stand out on social media, ‏especially Instagram. In her opinion one of the secrets about self-constituted women is that they have self awareness, ‏they know what they just want and what’s their weaknesses and strengths, ‏and those women have strong strategies that grow their strengths and reduce their weaknesses by precision analyzing.

‏One of the other points is being fearless and brave in caching their goals, ‏they work hard for their aim without tiredness and pulling away and trying to fill their mind and their heart with faith and hope.

‏They know that it wouldn’t be easy to achieve what they want, ‏and it needs a lot of efforts and patience, ‏and they are all alone in it, ‏but they believe in their abilities, ‏and they come to win.

Let’s have a brief interview with our young heroine.

Hi Bahare, ‏tell a little about yourself? 

Hello, ‏my name is Bahare Salehnia, ‏I’m a photographer, ‏graduated in civil engineering.

‏After finishing university I confused between choosing my college field and my true interest, ‏which was photography, ‏then I decided to follow my dream and learn what I like, ‏and I thought that would grant my future.

‏So I started to learn and take part in some courses as Peter Coulson portrait workshop and step by step developed myself into it.

Well, ‏when did you decide to communicate with people on social media, ‏and what was your motivation for it?

I have started my activities since ‎2017, ‏at first I’ve just posted my pictures and shared them, ‏but then I decided to teach photographs with mobile phones instead of cameras because our camera is not always along us while the phone is and, ‏my main reason was that I found out my friend’s pictures and others have just some small weaknesses that can easily fix just by knowing little technics about photography, ‏my I began and made ‎#باهم_عکاس_بشیم ‏hashtag which meant let’s be a photographer together.

How does your Instagram activity mean to you? Is it serious or only for your joy?

‏It’s definitely serious, ‏and in fact it’s my job and career but as I really like it, ‏so it’s kind of fun too.

What content you share on your Instagram page?

I share a couple of subjects, ‏as how to take good pictures, ‏how to edit them and how to pose for, ‏in a simple and creative way.

‏Besides I like to help people increase their confidence and motivate the one who doesn’t believe themselves to be more positive about their work.

What’s your key to success? And your popularity?

In my point of view perhaps it’s because I’m my truly self and I don’t pretend for anything, ‏and I care so much about my followers’ ‏time, ‏so I try to make summarized, ‏quick and short content for them.

‏But generally I believe success is a mixture of persistent effort, ‏passion, ‏patience and a little talent.

Thanks, ‏and what are your final words for people who follow you and want to be successful?

I recommend that respect your fans, ‏love Them, be their friend, ‏avoid making repetitive subjects, and have clear aims.

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