Exclusive Interview with Deepak Gupta About the Innovation in IT and Cybersecurity

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Advancement in artificial intelligence has made the impossible seem achievable. Tech has become an indispensable element in all facets, whether it’s for entertainment, business advertisement, news, or essentials. Ideally, technology has changed the way we do all things for the best.

From high-speed telecommunication to digital applications, software, and platforms, the advancing technology facilitates human lives in infinite forms. While technology adoption has accelerated in every sector of the economy, including health, business, finance, and more, many IT infrastructures continuously become prime targets for advanced networks of the cybercriminal, almost daily.

According to statistics, costly cyber breaches have constantly been rising and are expected to double up by 2025. Currently, cyber threats are among the top five threats the world is facing today. Thanks to the unrelenting commitment, research, and innovation by the industry-leading experts who have kept the IT world afloat even when cyber threats are at their peak.

Among the few cybersecurity experts transforming the world through their creativity and innovation is Deepak Gupta. He is one of the top-tier serial cybersecurity architects, app & platform developers, and a popular keynote speaker helping businesses overcome the ever-advancing cyber threats and data breaches while boosting their customer experience. He currently serves as the co-founder & CTO of LoginRadius.

Mr. Gupta has more than 15 years of experience in IT software development and cybersecurity. Deepak has authored 4 books and is an official member of the Forbes Technology Council. Being a visionary leader who knows no impossibility, he developed LoginRadius from scratch and scaled it to a global masterpiece, reaching over 1 billion users and serving more than 150,000 developers globally.

Hello Deepak, We are thrilled to welcome you to our media. Would you please tell us about you and your business?

Thank you for your invitation. I am a serial tech entrepreneur, developer, cybersecurity architect, writer, and keynote speaker. Since my childhood, I have been intrigued by computers and technology. At the age of 16, I started to learn how to program. Fast forward to 2008 when I completed my master’s degree in computer science, specializing in computer programming, networking, cybersecurity, and forensics.

In my entrepreneurial journey, I started numerous successful tech businesses and helped grow many international businesses within a short period. LoginRadius is a leading provider of cloud-based digital identity solutions inspiring business owners to incorporate a seamless authentication and single sign-on experience while safeguarding customer accounts.

How do you think technology will change the way of business?

Innovation has always been a core human desire. As such, many businesses are making upgraded versions of products. Whether we talk about drones, virtual reality, AI, or 5G, people have accepted them. Therefore, it will be no surprise if something remarkable comes out of the blues. People feel the trust in technology because of its accuracy. So, businesses should update their systems to provide breakthrough solutions to their customers.

During the pandemic, the use of technology by businesses and customers has increased exponentially. This scenario has created a customer habit of ordering products online instead of physically visiting stores. And the habit is becoming more and more evident with time. Even small businesses can scale their growth with the help of technology. And with various available tools, staff can save time and reach new levels of productivity and efficiency. Automation systems have also helped organizations reduce business costs.

Technology has saved several businesses from bankruptcy due to the lockdowns that made going to work impossible. And without saying, technology has become one of the most reliable alternatives to continue working remotely. Millions of people worldwide have started to work from home and make a living in the comfort of their homes which is improving their work-life balance.

What do you think businesses should be concerned about with the rise of technology?

With the application of technology, businesses can serve thousands of people every day at a blazing speed. As such, the volume of data stored in business systems is increasing rapidly. With the acceleration of technology adoption, businesses need a robust cybersecurity system to protect their critical information from data thieves and scammers.

If a customer finds an error on websites, they’re likely to avoid purchasing your product. And once a business has data breaches, it will be relatively hard to recover the customers’ trust and your reputation in the industry. Cybersecurity is a must, to secure company information, transactions, customer data, and overall security of critical IT infrastructure and build a successful business.

Another critical element a business should be concerned about is customer service. There might be thousands of companies marketing similar products. To be unique, the organization should focus on customer satisfaction. Starting from sign-up, the user experience should be seamless and secure. After all, customers are willing to pay more for the service if the quality is more trustworthy.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and knowledge. It was very interesting to hear about your personal growth as well as the importance of technology in businesses and the innovation of LoginRadius.

To reach out and get more information from Deepak Gupta, he can be contacted via his official website: https://guptadeepak.com/

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