As an avid gamer, I always seek to find out about the latest innovations in gaming and eSports. With the rise of blockchain technology has come innovative concepts that create more direct benefits for gamers, without sacrificing any benefit to publishers or advertisers. Other applications include creating new gaming ecosystems, marketplaces, P2P content, and more.

For Asura Word, building off of NEO provided a robust framework and opportunity to redefine eSports altogether. Asura will be creating the world’s first self-sustainable eSports platform, which focuses on the community ecosystem as a whole. To learn more, CEO Peter Shen shared some of his background and motivation behind the project.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get started in blockchain?:

My name’s Peter Shen. I first heard of blockchain in early 2017 through my co-founder [co-gamer], and then in that month, we started seeing all these ICO blockchain projects appearing around the Internet. This sparked my curiosity to do some research on blockchain and its benefits at a deeper level.

2. What was your inspiration behind Asura World? How did it all start?

The inspiration was a deep-rooted seed since childhood, all the hours spent playing computer games, participating in amateur tournaments, learning, interacting, etc. And as I grew older I dreamed it would be great if one day something that was a central hub for competitive gaming was established on the Internet.

But back then, with the traditional way of platform businesses, such a platform would simply not be feasible, the manpower required would be huge in population, resulting in massive costs. However, it’s possible with blockchain and smart contracts, and that was the birth of Asura World.

3. What is your competitive advantage?

a) Self-containment: I think people underestimate how important it is to retain users. We want users to be able to find everything they need within ONE platform, ONE community, ONE ecosystem.

b) Congregation: Oftentimes, you will find an eSports service platform but they only cater to ONE gaming title or otherwise, a certain genre, or non-competing titles. But Asura World does the opposite and supports all major eSport competitive titles. We want the community to go back to the roots of how gaming was originally like, play different games, have fun, get better, etc.

c) Community: We are ALL about the community and ONLY about the community, thus Asura World is developed in such a way that allows the community to self-regulate [we would only step in if all hell lets lose], and self-develop. Oftentimes developers and centralized management become tunnel visioned and would develop a what-would’ve-been, a great product into a hated product because they neglect the community.

d) Unique Community: Created Betting with Live Stream, Community Matchmaking, Tournament Hosting, Professional Guides, and One central Community Centre. There’s no platform out there that offers this right now.

4. What is the biggest problem currently in the market?

Putting aside all the generic technical jargons and issues, the biggest problems in the eSport community is Toxicity amongst the community and Segregation.

Toxicity has been rampant and unregulated within eSports, and it’s only getting more prominent in the recent years. Only the community knows where it happens and when it happens, and admins and developers are unable to keep on top of these happenings.

Segregation, due to toxicity, has also created a huge segregation within the community. Players of certain games would simply hate upon another game simply because it is not the game they play. Many of these are unfounded and simply follow along, but if they are presented the opportunity to watch/learn another game, they may change their opinions.

5. What does 2018 have in store for you guys?

We will be developing the Unique Community Betting mechanism to its finality and will also continue to grow our community for the Content sections.

Outside of the platform, we will continue to create eSport partnerships, mainly targeting amateur tournament hosts around the World, teaching them and allowing them access to the closed beta testing of the Asura World tournament hosting mechanism.

6. Is there anything else you would like the world to know?

We want Asura World to be the first digital eSport world, and in this context of “World” we mean, a self-contained world with its own ecosystem and population. Refer to that movie “Ready Player One” of a self-contained World with VR called Oasis, that’s still quite far in the future; however, Asura World can be the first to take on a smaller version of it for eSports and digitally. Blockchain and Smart Contracts would allow automation, security, and finality, all vital ingredients in creating self-sustainable ecosystems.

Regardless of how the market perceives us, we think and we believe what we’re building is either ahead of our time, or right upon the doorsteps of our time. This will be an opportunity of a lifetime!Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the author. Influencive does not endorse or review brands mentioned; does not and can not investigate relationships with brands, products, and people mentioned and is up to the author to disclose. VIP Contributors and Contributors, amongst other accounts and articles, are professional fee-based.

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