Exclusive Interview With TIKTOK Star Jonny Cutuli

Overall he has gained over 1.2M followers on TikTok and 133.000 on Instagram with a total amount of 46,6 million likes.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Jonny Cutuli, I am a 24 years old Italian boy and I am passionate about making online content. I was born and raised in Sicily in a little town called “Acicatena”, the place where my parents have always taught me love, kindness, and respect for other people.

I graduated from “Istituto Tecnico Commerciale” in “Administration, Business & Marketing” and I recently moved to the United Kingdom to pursue my career in “Marketing & Digital Communications”, so I am currently studying at Edge Hill University, in a slight town called Ormskirk.

In my daily routine life, I create videos, study for university, and motivate people on my social media platforms to always push themselves beyond their limits to achieve their dreams. Because there’s no way they cannot do it if I did it in the first place. The next step will be putting all of my experiences/knowledge into a book or an online course, where I will basically share ALL of my secrets/tips and also what NOT TO DO to succeed on TikTok and on social media in general.

I am an enterprising guy, I hate procrastinating and I always want to do more than the previous day. The word “laziness” does not belong to my vocabulary. Because of my determination, I have also been able to build up an Instagram community of over 130.000 followers, where I post motivational stories/contents daily.

Apart from social media, I love conducting a healthy lifestyle, indeed I started being passionate about the gym for 2 years now, and let me just tell you that my life completely changed since then.
This means that I also started eating healthily and it truly helped me be more confident with myself and also build a positive mindset to get through the days.

Moreover, I love the “online business world” and I’ve been into the “dropshipping model” before, however, I’ve never had a mentor so I opened a website, made a few sales but then I completely focused on my TikTok account, and kind of leave it. Anyway, I am currently working on it again, aside from social media, and it certainly is one of my main goals for this year.

What made you start making TikToks?

I started making TikToks back in March 2020, during the first worldwide lockdown. (it marks 1 year now). I was facing a dark period in my life indeed I was depressed because I was recently got fired from a business company I used to work for. So that is basically what made me truly start making TikToks. Before the social media platform, I had no reason to get up from my bed, I didn’t have any goals to achieve. Everything was black for me. It was like my life was putting in a “Pause” mode, waiting for something to happen. But the truth is that nothing happens if you don’t do anything to make it happen. Opening my TikTok account completely changed my life. It all started as a joke, it was the period where TikTok had its explosion in terms of downloads in Italy and everyone started using it. I was a bit skeptical about it at first but then my friends convinced me to jump on it.

All the initial videos completely flopped in terms of views, I didn’t know anything about the platform, but I started becoming more interested as soon as my videos were slowly being pushed out onto the “For You” page. I started doing my online research on how the algorithm worked and I slowly improved my videos by using good lightning, decrease the length of my TikTok, and applying some strategies that I have learned throughout the time.

When did you first go viral on Tiktok?

Surprisingly my first video went viral only one month later, so in April, I remember that it got over 2M views in less than 24 hours and I couldn’t even imagine that. As soon as the first video went viral, I gained more than 100.000 followers overnight and I was completely shocked. I knew that something good was happening, my life was making sense again, the change was getting its way through. That day was particularly unforgettable because I remember smiling after months of sadness. My parents were so proud of me.

When you downloaded Tiktok, did you think all this would happen?

On the day I downloaded TikTok I couldn’t ever imagine it to happen to be honest. However, I knew I wanted to get my life back, do something different and completely change it. So, as soon as I realized that TikTok was the biggest opportunity in terms of discoverability I have told myself that I had to do it, no matter what, no matter how long it would take, but I knew that I wanted to succeed on it. Certainly, consistency and determination played a crucial role in the success of my account.

How do you stay away from TikTok drama?

Unlike so many tiktokers I really don’t like drama, I always try to stay away from it just by ignoring hate comments or simply just by not paying attention to everything people say on the internet.

What are the most views you’ve gotten on a video?

The most views I have ever gotten on a video are something like 3.5M views, which is impressive if you consider the fact that I make Italian content, so I kind of reach a limited target audience in this sense (people speaking Italian). However, I am planning on opening another TikTok account where I will be posting English content only with the aim to reach the American “for you page”. In this way, I can expand myself and my businesses to a way broader audience.

What is your least favorite part about being a TikTok influencer?

Personally, sometimes is difficult to share every single moment of your life on social media, or maybe it’s tough creating content when you’re not feeling it. But during those times I remember my “why” and I keep doing it.

Is there a secret to making videos and going viral?

Absolutely yes, and the secret is consistency along with determination. I truly mean it. Sometimes it takes 10 years to get that 1 year that will change your life. Just keep going, remain consistent. Consistent in your work ethic, consistent in what you stand for, consistently showing up every single day, when every single thing is great and when is not. KEEP SHOWING UP!

When did everyone say it only takes 1 try, 5, or 10 tries? When did every successful person mention that you only have to give your best effort for one month and then you’ll be successful? Exactly, NEVER!

If you want to make your dreams a reality you HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT. It’s every single day. When you’re getting results and when you’re not. When they believe in you and when they don’t. When you believe in yourself and when you don’t. When everything seems possible and when all appears impossible.

How do you handle hate and negative comments?

Believe it or not but hate/negative comments show that you’re doing good and that you’re going in the right direction. As a social media influencer, if people talk about you, they are just promoting you. And the best part about it is that it is even free. Who doesn’t love free things?

How does it feel to be a famous influencer?

The fact that I am able to influence so many people by just posting a story on Instagram or a TikTok literally blows my mind. The greatest part about it is when someone stops you on the street and they ask you for a picture, that’s a feeling hard to describe in words, especially for someone who was stuck in an environment that didn’t seem to foster growth (my native place in Italy).

What is your favorite part about being a TikToker?

My favorite part about being a Tiktoker is the fact that you can reach tons of thousands/millions of people with just one single video. If you think about it, it’s mad. It blows my mind. The fact that I can get my message out to a lot of people is absolutely crazy. I feel so grateful for it. I also appreciate a lot the love comments during my live streams either on TikTok/Instagram.

In regards to the growth of your TikTok account what are some goals you have for 2021?

Certainly, my goal for 2021 is to grow my Italian account to 1.5M followers and at the same time, I am planning to expand my horizons by opening another Tiktok account where I will start making English content only, aiming to reach the American audience. You will hear about me anytime soon again, I promise.

Plus, I am also planning on getting deeper into marketing and e-commerce, so I am currently seeking a mentor that could help me get my hands into the “Dropshipping” business. My goal is to open a successful website and start selling products online. Finally, I am also considering writing a book or a course where I will share my knowledge and how I practically reached success on TikTok, aiming to inspire people to achieve their dreams.

Out of all the videos you made so far, which one is your favorite?

Out of all the videos that I have made so far, my favorite video format is called “I am going to ruin your childhood” and it’s basically about weird theories behind cartoons. There are over 39 different videos of this format on my account, as of today.

In total, how many followers and likes do you have?

Overall, I gained over 1.2M followers on TikTok and 133.000 on Instagram with a total amount of 46,6 million likes.

My social media:
Snapchat: @jonnycutuli


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.