Expandify Marketing Inc. Delivers Massive Sales Conversion & Increased Advertising ROI

Expandify Marketing Inc. Changes The Dynamics Of The Social Media World With Their Forefront Approach & Formidable Competitive Advantage Over Other Agencies

Expandify Marketing Inc. is a Montreal-based Social Media Agency that helps E-Commerce Businesses generate ridiculous online sales and R.O.I using top-class advertising systems. Nicolas Buffone (CEO, President) and Jonathan Durante (COO, Vice-President & Treasurer) of Expandify are childhood best friends with over 5 years of experience in digital marketing which gave them the perfect mix to team up and create an agency in the Social Media Industry, resulting in the creation of Expandify Marketing Inc. in 2017.

Back Story Of Expandify Marketing Inc.

While the company was formed in 2017, there was a huge gap for brands and online businesses in scaling up their online sales and reach as they didn’t have the right guidance and assistance in doing so. At Expandify, they deliver a massive increase in sales by generating higher ROI with top-class social media advertising systems. They have successfully assisted many top E-Commerce Businesses in achieving their targeted goals with the right mindset and execution by effectively running social media campaigns.

The one factor that sets Expandify strongly apart from its peers and competitors is its specialization in Ads. Just Ads. The company offers advertising solutions for every level of expertise. Expandify has all your social media advertising covered with their flagship Done-For-You system. They create, target, and launch campaigns using their growth strategies, and track your performance with respect to sales and conversion. No matter what kind of audience you want to reach, you’ll be able to target them with Expandify.

Achieving Visible Growth as a Social Media Advertising Specialist

Through the course of time, experience, and investment in their resources – Expandify has brought together a great set of new clients while having a higher retention rate of their older clients. They have also been recognized by some premium magazines and media houses with various prestigious reputations such as Inc Magazine and Forbes. The company has also managed to be Facebook Marketing partners, and the growth of their company in the last 4 years has increased drastically while being one of the youngest members of the Forbes Agency Council.

Driving, brainstorming, and implementing new techniques and strategies to make their clients the best on their social media platforms. Expandify is also bringing new revolutionary strategies to expand its global footprint and has successfully made close relationships with clients to gain better insight into their marketing goals. The founders share, ‘Just get started. Don’t wait for the perfect ambiance and things to happen. Start and improve as you go along. Success is a journey and not a destination.’

Providing elite digital marketing solutions and driving insane R.O.I using a top-notch advertising system makes Expandify Marketing Inc. unique in its own way. To follow and stay informed with their updates, check their Website.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.