Expanding Software Development Teams and Broadening Company’s Horizons

Building a team is not an easy task. From interviews to orientation, the entire process of onboarding employees is quite rigorous. Not only does it consume time, but it also drains each person’s energy, associated with the hiring process. Scheduling meetings, arranging calls, or passing down a list of do’s and don’ts can be pretty taxing, especially if something with new employees don’t work out.

More than 60% of business owners are concerned with the cost of unfilled positions. Companies struggle with hiring since many factors come into play when bringing in new people, the most essential being diversity and time zone differences.

This is why companies often opt for nearshore hiring. Getting people to work for you in closer proximity addresses both issues. There is no time zone difference; only new, rich minds focused on benefitting the company.

To make things easier for businesses, companies like Sonatafy Technology are working ceaselessly, ensuring the hiring process is as smooth as possible. Founded in 2020 by Steve Taplin and David Turner, Sonatafy Technology aims to provide nearshore software engineers and developers with a managed service and support business model.

The company is headquartered in the US, spreading its roots throughout Latin America. Sonatafy Technology has a panel of nearshore software developers and executive staff who excel at hunting top-tier industry talent. The company clearly understands the internal processes and how time-consuming the whole procedure is.

Whether software development or quality assurance, the demand for urgent hiring is increasing every day. However, due to several barriers, companies do not have enough resources to escalate the hiring processes.

Understanding these key factors, Sonatafy Technology focuses on providing the same time zone and English-proficient services to the western hemisphere. Companies tend to encounter a handful of problems with hiring offshore software developers. Sometimes it’s the internet connectivity causing trouble, incomplete projects, or missed deadlines due to the time zone difference.

Nearshore software development is all about gathering a team that meets the company’s goals while eliminating the setbacks faced in offshore outsourcing. Sonatafy Technology has a team of professional programmers and software engineers in Latin America who promise to deliver an exceptionally talented team within a 2-week time frame.

Nearshore software developers hired by Sonatafy Technology are not just good at what they do; they bring much more to the table. One of the most significant benefits of nearshore programmers and software developers is the common language. Communication is critical, and not everyone is multilingual. The goals and deadlines common language is reasonably necessary to convey the goals and deadlines properly.

Nearshore developers truly feel like remote hires since they are in the same time zone. Working with someone on the other side of the world can be tough to keep up with. It also creates a project bottleneck, extending or halting deadlines. Sonatafy Technology builds a team relevant to your time zone, with vigilant programmers and software developers who take deadlines very seriously.

Another issue that companies generally face when working with offshore developers: business culture variation. Having a team work for you who share the same vision plays a huge role in business success. Sonatafy Technology aims to hire a team for various platforms that are trustworthy and reliable.

Sonatafy Technology has been quite successful in its journey to help companies. Since its formation, the company has generated revenues exceeding $11 million since inception and has about $33 million in the pipeline. Sonatafy Technology’s achievements have also been recognized, for which it has received numerous accolades, including the Top Software Development Company by GoodFirms.

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