Experience Tanatan’s Food With Banquet of Hoshena’s Magic

If you’ve been to Tanatan you’re probably familiar with the giant hanging fruits, the center stage for live music and the great food. But Ramee Group has come up with a new, alternative way to experience Tanatan’s tantalising menu — Banquet of Hoshena.

A unique 3D dining experience, Banquet of Hoshena is a theatrical production that takes diners through the story of the Kingdom of Hoshena as they feast on a seven course meal. And Ramee Group, in association with Hoshena Productuons, is hosting the Indian premiere of this immersive, interactive experience at Ramee Guestline Juhu, Mumbai.

The show begins with the dimming of lights and a Queen gracing the diners’ table. She is no ordinary queen though, she is an animated bust seated at the head of the table. And she greets guests with the woeful story of Hoshena.

Once a rich, beautiful land it now lies barren and desolate. The story goes that the King of Hoshena, in a valiant attempt to banish all bad emotions like anger and sorrow from his land, also accidentally banished all good emotions like joy and love as well. Since then, the Kingdom of Hoshena has only seen the darkest of days and is in desperate need of a savior. The queen turns to the diners and asks them to be their saviour.

So the enthralling experience begins as diners literally journey through Hoshena. Plates come alive, fairies float through tables and walls and volcanoes erupt on tables as they do so. Diners light magic candles, whisper their deepest fears into a pouch and more as they attempt to restore Hoshen’s former glory.

Each course that accompanies this spectacle is creatively crafted to represent one emotion and expertly executed such that each course corresponds perfectly with the timeline of the story.

The menu for this banquet has been carefully derived from Tanatan’s menu. Ramee Group’s flagship restaurant and Mumbai’s top restaurant as rated by TripAdvisor in 2019, Tanatan boasts of exquisite food.

“We’re really excited to be collaborating with Banquet of Hoshena to bring such a unique, fun dining experience to people here in Mumbai,” Rajit Shetty, Managing Director of Ramee Group says. “We’ve stylized the menu to cater to the Indian palette and are thrilled with the results,” he adds.

A travelling show, Banquet of Hoshena is hosted in restaurants across the world. So far, it has been received with resounding success in countries like the USA, UK, UAE, Kuwait, Germany and Sweden.

The show will have a limited run in Mumbai but this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of its time in India. “We’re hoping to take the Banquet of Hoshena to every possible city in India that we can because we want everyone to be able to experience the magic of this show,” declares Rajit.


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