Exploring the Turfs of Acting and Law: Kelly Hyman Leading the Unconventional

All around the world, we are witnessing a tide of new changemakers. These people are blurring the boundaries of modern and conventional, shaping equitable cultures, leading global shifts and movements through unseen perseverance, selflessness, and empathy.

One of such icons is Kelly Hyman, strutting on the plains of acting and law – an unconventional amalgamation of art and science – fixated on bringing about a change in the world. From her early day struggles to her belief system to becoming an author, Kelly Hyman is metamorphosing the world every day.

Beginning in the Acting Terrain: Overcoming Early Hardships and Lessons Learnt

A Miami-born prodigy, Kelly and her mother moved around a lot in her initial years for better opportunities, predominantly residing in NYC and southern California. In the bustling film epicenter, Kelly’s mother asked Charlton Heston – her tennis student – if he could get an acting agent for her daughter. And there, just at the age of five, Hyman stepped into the world of acting and modelling. She received numerous gigs from international brands and companies.

Acting is an art, a vocation in itself. Yet, more than a want, attaining financial security was a need for both Kelly and her mother. Even as a child, finances worried her. Because of such burdening circumstances and a notoriously uncertain future, it was imperative for her to realize her responsibilities and develop a strong work ethic.

She graduated from UCLA and continued to model and act. She is known for appearing as ‘Loretta’ on the popular daytime show, ‘The Young and the Restless’. She is also distinguished for her voice in Kit Kat’s widely-known commercial, “Gimme a Break”.

Moreover, being in a male-led industry further cultivated the values she needed to thrive. She learned early on to navigate through these situations.

Dreams Never Die: Transitioning from Acting to Law

Kelly always working in the field of law was only an eventuality. It was something she felt was always in the books. In the year 2000, after possessing a marvelous acting career spanning 25 years, Hyman decided to pursue her calling at the suggestion of a dear friend. She attended and received a law degree cum laude from the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law.

Her acting experiences instantly became tools for her to excel in her studies and practice. Confidence, delivery, spontaneity developed by being in front of the camera, communication – all the prowess from the previous profession she brought for her finesse and aggressively leverages them. She once was also a part of a television show called ‘Superior Court’. Today, she practices as an attorney and a television legal analyst.

Hyman is a testament to the faith that passion and pursuit run deeper than any academic acquaintance. Her courageous choices led to various publications celebrating her story. Forbes cited Kelly as ‘A modern Day Erin Brockovich’. She feels humbled and honored to be juxtaposed alongside a legendary people’s advocate.

A True Feminist Icon Advocating Justice

Hyman comes from a household run by strong, independent women. Feminist values and the various tenets of equality are innate components of Kelly’s upbringing.

Her single mother, an Australian and a former tennis player juggled work and Kelly’s rearing, confronting economic challenges as a tennis coach.

When she tells that she is a third-generation lawyer, she is usually met with a biased yet ubiquitous question: ‘Where did your grandfather study law?’. She, then, reveals that it was her grandmother who pursued the prestigious degree at St John’s in New York.

Right from the beginning, Kelly witnessed instances that carved her individuality forever. She fathomed the opposite of the world’s conventional – of men always leading the charge while women took the backseat; grasped how crucial financial understanding and stability were; and, that tenacity is a revered mark.

Hyman translated these earlier ideas into their entirety by choosing to steer her career path to law. She always aspired to help and assist people and knew she wanted to be an attorney someday. Kelly wants to change unfold in the lives of people by bringing justice closer to them.

Even as more women are now spotted in the global leadership landscape, gender equality remains out of immediate reach on most fronts. Women are not paid as much as their male counterparts, workplace harassment and assaults remain huge concerns. Hence, she has pinned fighting for people’s rights as her life’s goal. Her ferocity, passion, and commitment drive her to work towards the causes in which she truly believes.

Furthermore, as an active citizen involved in activism, she finds it significant that people let their voices be heard by the authorities and the people in power. She believes justice functions when people stand up for what they believe in.

To all the young people aspiring to shift the world with their acting, Hyman suggests believing in oneself and following one’s dreams. She advocates that people can achieve anything on which they set their hearts and minds.

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