Express Your Thoughts, Let Them Resonate: DJ Eric McNeil’s New Single “Resonate” Is Out Now

New music from DJ Eric McNeil

“Resonate” is now breaking records all over the internet. There isn’t a single streaming platform that hasn’t felt the shockwave that this brand-new track has left in its wake. DJ Eric McNeil has certainly put himself on the map with this song.

This year, he released his newest EP, which includes three songs: “Restart,” “Reflect,” and “Resonate.” The tracks were picked so that they could be played simultaneously. This is self-evident since you’ll want to play them again and again once you’ve played them.

Eric is well-known for his ability to create unique sounds and music. This is exemplified by the song “Resonate.” You can’t get the music out of your head no matter how hard you try.

Eric McNeil is now trending across all social media platforms. Anyone familiar with house music is suddenly talking about Eric. In the next years, he is anticipated to achieve a lot more. Fans are interested to see what he has in store for the future.

Listen to “Resonate” on Spotify here:

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