ExtraOrdinals Prepares to Unveil Highly Anticipated Orbinals Collection


It’s set to be an exciting week for the ExtraOrdinals, the renowned collective of Ordinal early adopters who are preparing to unveil their highly anticipated tertiary collection, Orbinals, on July 12th.

ExtraOrdinals (XO), a sub-50K collection first inscribed on Feb 10th, have been diligently building their brand and fleshing out their community over the past few months. As always, Influencive had our fingers on the pulse early on and featured the project in our article “ExtraOrdinals: The Next Big Thing On Ordinals?”

As we approach this significant milestone for the project tomorrow, it’s an opportune moment to revisit the collection and assess the progress made in the last four months.

Holder Advantages


The genesis XO collection, consisting of 100 pieces, has not yet been completely released for sale. Presently, just over 10% of the limited supply has been sold, with the most recent auction reaching a price of 2.1 ETH ($3900). The rest of the supply is being gradually made available, with another auction on the horizon.

Additionally, the project has a secondary collection of 200 pieces, and of course, the much-anticipated Orbinals is now added as part of their growing portfolio.

The lucky few who can call themselves ExtraOrdinal have so far seen several perks. They have received priority access to invest in fractionalized high-value mints like Ordinal Monkeys, as well as a significant allocation of raffle tickets for community giveaways.

Founders Focused on Value for all

While holders have enjoyed these advantages, the vast majority of what has been developed within the ExtraOrdinals community has been made available to everyone, regardless of whether they are a holder or not. This inclusivity is an integral part of the team’s vision to foster a close-knit community of passionate XO enthusiasts who receive value upfront, even before the opportunity to buy into the XO ecosystem arises.

“When we started XO, our aim was to keep our resources, alpha and giveaways open to everyone so we would give value to community members before we ask them to buy our inscriptions.” explains Co-Founder Nox. “We thought this also suited the philosophy of Bitcoin where things are open source.”

XO have receipts for this value too, including masses of alpha and other opportunities including:

  • Airdrops for OrdinalHub and Pixel Pepes – with their ATH’s at 0.049 and 0.45 BTC respectively
  • Mints for the community for such projects as BitcoinApes, which did a 12x at it’s peak
  • Countless alpha calls inside the Discord which have led to a gold rush of wins for anyone paying attention to the right channels. One of the most successful calls being for Nullish collections in early March. If you bought in around that time, you are sitting very pretty right now thanks to XO
  • Fractionalized investments have been a showpiece utility of XO. Many community members have been chipping in with each other to purchase blue-chip Ordinal assets, such as Yuga’s Twelvefold, Deadjira, DeGods, Seize CTRL and most recently, the red hot OMB


Essentially, XO’s approach is quite a deviation from the norm. Investors will usually buy in with hopes of future value, but with no tangible proof to know whether the project will actually deliver. Judging by the results produced by the team so far, ExtraOrdinals should have your full attention at this point.

Entering A New Era

This model is not a sustainable option forever of course, and XO has now grown to heights where a free-for-all policy has served its purpose well enough. Thus, the time has come to streamline the financial value down to the core community of the most active members and strongest believers in the ExtraOrdinal vision.

XO has partnered with Magic Eden’s launchpad for the Orbinals mint on July 12th. Despite this change with the role structure, the cost of mint is absolutely free to those who are whitelisted. Additionally, while the alpha and financial opportunities will be token-gated for holders of XO assets, the ExtraOrdinals Discord will remain a free and open source of education and news for everyone.

Final Thoughts


It comes as no surprise that XO has gradually established itself as a respected cornerstone of the Ordinals scene. The team’s deliberate decision not to rely on hype – despite numerous opportunities to do so in recent months – speaks volumes about their dedication to curating the perfect community with meticulous precision.

As a sub-50K collection, XO is undoubtedly – in my estimation – the first utility based project on Ordinals. In a time where the masses are becoming ever more disillusioned with the use case of new NFTs hitting the market, where PFP-only projects are losing their mystique, and now where many are wise to the cash-grabbing nature of so many new launches, XO distinguishes itself from the crowd in multiple ways. 

As we mentioned in March, it wouldn’t be wise to underestimate their potential to become the next big phenomenon on Ordinals. The flight to quality has already begun.

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