Eyah Is Reggaeton’s Secret Weapon

Whether he was listed on the track or not, Eyah is a producer who has been racking up hits within the Latin-music scene for over 6 years. However, a new collaboration with Francis titled “Dime Que Fue” credited to both Francis and Eyah, sees the Dutch producer making sure you won’t forget his name.

Growing up in Den Burg, the Netherlands, Eyah held onto the dream of becoming an example in the Latin-music industry, when he started his musical career in his hometown in early 2016, what was at first a hobby quickly developed into something way bigger than he ever predicted.

“I used to make beats on my school laptop during class with my friends,” he told Influencive. “slowly it went from being a hobby to becoming a part of my everyday life.” Eyah has remained consistent within the scene, working with everybody in the game.

His personal touches maintain to develop whilst reminding the hundreds of the genre’s beginning: “Reggaeton is at a point wherein you can sample sounds. it’s been more than two decades of this genre. So now, you’re able to re-use certain things that feel nostalgic to you,” though Eyah considers himself a “student to this day,” his wealth of work is already a gem for the culture. operating with pioneers and newcomers alike, he’s contributed to the bridging of numerous cultures.

“I want to keep evolving as a producer and composer,” he assures, while also maintaining the importance of being an example for rising artists. through it all, he remains humble:

I’m truly blessed for what happened to me, but at the same time it is about being ready for those moments to arrive and understanding what to do. you are not expecting it, but as soon as you get that opportunity, you simply got to deliver. Thank god I was able to.


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