EyePromise: President Andreas Wolf Sees a Bright Future for Eye Health Vitamins

Why EyePromise?

It is often said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and Andreas Wolf, President of EyePromise, does everything he can to embody this belief fully. EyePromise makes sure that these two organs vital to navigating life can behold all of the beauty in this world through a clear and accurate lens.

At EyePromise, Andreas is responsible for setting the company’s growth strategies and overseeing all business activities. He has led the company to be the leading provider of eye health supplements for the MLB, NFL, PGA, and many collegiate teams.

With their NSF Certified and #1 eye-doctor-recommended vitamin on the market, EyePromise tells us, “I promise” to improve the overall performance of your eyes, increase the processing speed of your eyesight, and ensure a better eye-mind performance connection. Andreas understands this “promise” because of his strong belief in the changes he knows the product can make in an individual’s life.

He has led the company in growth year over year by aligning with organizations and doctors who prescribe and recommend the product to athletes and patients. He has leveraged multiple partnerships due to the highly coveted NSF certification, which only backs the highest quality supplements.

Healthy Habits for Your Eyes

Andreas knows that EyePromise vitamins will do wonders to improve your overall eye health and performance. In addition to this, he is an advocate for practicing consistent, healthy habits regarding your eyes.

He is a father of two children and a proponent of keeping your eyes functioning at their best, never to miss even a minute of your son’s football game or your daughter’s dance recital.

So, what kind of healthy habits would Andreas Wolf recommend that you practice? Below are five routines to implement in your daily life to keep your eyes happy.

  • ​Wash your hands before making contact with your eyes and after
  • Protect your eyes with safety goggles when engaging in activities featuring debris or extraneous dust
  • Wear sunglasses outdoors to protect from UV rays and prescription glasses when applicable to the situation to prevent straining
  • ​Limit screen time to avoid overexposure which has been shown to cause eye strain, headaches, and tired eyes
  • Visit your eye doctor consistently and follow their recommendations

If you work to incorporate these routines into your daily life, you’ll give your eyes the chance to be as conditioned as working out your other body muscles.

Proof of Success

When you begin to see improvement in your eyesight, EyePromise feels like they’re “batting a thousand.” However, some of their clients are batting a thousand in their careers!

Andreas and the EyePromise team are proud to work with some of the top teams in sports, from the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys to serving as the Official Eye Vitamin for Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox. EyePromise has been touted and shared repeatedly by pleased professionals who literally can’t believe their eyes when they begin to notice that their vision has improved so drastically.

Not only have these athletes seen remarkable increases in their eye-hand coordination and visual processing speed, but Andreas himself takes EyePromise vitamins and swears by them. Ask Andreas, and he’ll tell you how even his eye exams at the doctor’s office have improved!

In addition to this, as an athlete himself, Andreas believes that EyePromise can make all the difference in an athlete’s performance. An avid skier, race car driver, and hiking enthusiast, Andreas is passionate about helping others and experiencing life to the fullest and has spent the last two decades on the car race track, ski slopes, and hiking trails all over the US.

Take Control of Your Eye Health Now

Andreas would tell anyone not to miss a moment of life. He recommends many top-selling all-natural eye vitamins, such as Vizual Edge PRO®, which have been shown to improve visual performance by increasing reaction time and processing speed (by 20%) through nutrition.

For more information on what Andreas and the EyePromiseteam are up to lately, including some of their top PGA and baseball athletes, visit www.eyepromise.com.

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