Fabian Kumpusch Highlights 5 Reasons Why Self-Employment is Worth the Risks Involved

Everyone dreams of being their own boss. Yet, this only remains a dream for many because of the risks involved. Self-employment has a lot of challenges, such as managing finances and long-term stability. These aspects deter many, but those who persevere see tremendous success. One such success story is that of Fabian Kumpusch, a real estate agent turned successful cryptocurrency trader.

Traveling always puts things in perspective for Fabian Kumpusch, who has realized that exploring the world while collecting new experiences was how he wanted to live life, and not as a real estate agent, working a 9-5. He started trading in forex and cryptocurrencies and is now living his dream life. Fabian took huge risks, but they ultimately paid off. Here are 5 things that make self-employment worth the risks involved for Fabian.

1. Flexibility in timings

Perhaps the biggest benefit of self-employment is that itlets you control the hours that you work for, opening up opportunities for new experiences.

2. Less compromise

Working for yourself means that you can work as peryour own methods, by your belief systems. You can accept and reject work based on your sensibilities.

3. A personal touch

When you are self-employed, you add your personal touch to the job. This helps you create better personal and professional experiences with the clients.

4. Better work-life balance

Since you have flexibility with timings and workload, you can give more time to friends and family. All work and no play can make anyone a dull person, and what’s life if not lived brightly?

5. Better control over your finances

You can charge based on your experience and quality, powered by a better understanding of the value of your time and hard work.

While self-employment can be a daunting and overwhelming option, it also has its merits. As demonstrated by Fabian Kumpusch, working for yourselfis a challenge but certainly worth the risks involved.

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