Fairien Azeem and the Money Coaching Academy are Rethinking the way we Teach People About Financial Literacy

There are plenty of financial advisers in the world. Each will give you their own strategy for how to improve your monetary habits: perhaps they will suggest ways to cut back on spending, or ways to invest cash that you otherwise are not using. This advice no doubt helps the people it’s directed towards, but what happens when the financial problems are amended, and the client no longer uses this service provided by advisers?

In Fairien Azeem’s experience of working as a financial advisor, they simply return a few years later with similar struggles, and the process begins again. This is why Azeem began centering her own business, not around advising, but money coaching.

Fairien Azeem entered the financial world at an early age. She began at twenty-years-old at a large banking organization, working for them until she was twenty-five, and decided to start her first business. This was a mortgage broking company.

Two years after its founding, she brought on her husband, and while growing a family, continued down this path until 13 years had passed. After this, Azeem decided that she wanted to do something different with her life. She settled on her next journey: financial advising.

Her second business went into this: generating clients who wanted to improve their financial situation and finding strategies and pathways to achieve this. This company ran as such for 12 years. Over this time, Azeem gained a veteran’s eye for the financial advising industry. She had seen thousands of clients had come to know the behaviors they tend to have towards their money.

She was advising them, but she knew she wasn’t addressing the root causes of their problems: to her, she was catching fish for them, when she should have been teaching them how to fish in the first place.

Because of this, Azeem added money coaching to her business platform. She wanted to help people invest in not only the IQ of money, but the EQ, to teach people skills that will help them long after they come to her for help. She wants to ensure that the blocks and fears that prohibit people with their money are erased.

This is something she worked on simultaneously with the financial advising side of her company and quickly found that money coaching was something she enjoyed more and something she found more fulfilling. At the time, she was just coaching women but figured that there are many different demographics with different variations of financial struggles. She wanted to cover as many niches as she could but knew she couldn’t do it alone.

This is when The Money Coaching Academy began. Their mission since being founded has been to spread financial literacy to all corners of the world and to train skilled money coaches to help her do just that. Before, she was just working with women, but now Azeem trains the coaches themselves to work with their specific niches.

These can be divorced men, divorced women, students; any variant of person who needs financial coaching in their own way. Azeem assures that those she teaches can go out and deliver. The training program teaches business concepts, coaching frameworks and financial foundations, assisting people in building a successful business.

The Money Coaching Academy offers certifications at the end of their training program. Upon receiving one of these, you will be ready to go above and beyond traditional financial advising in any part of the world. Fairien Azeem’s vision has always been to help people in the long term, and with The Money Coaching Academy, that vision is coming to fruition.


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