Fame Media: Kamran Zahid & Nuran Rahman’s Brainchild Recognized As GTA’s Fastest Growing PR Agency

Fame Media, a luxury PR & Branding Agency, has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing public relations (PR) agencies in the Greater Toronto area of Canada. The agency offers exclusive white-glove capabilities and solutions to qualified individuals, brands, and corporations.

Rather than focusing on the direct return of investment from the services provided, Fame Media focuses on doing everything in their power to help the client expand their reach and scale their business using advanced marketing strategies.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the company, Nuran Rahman, brings nearly a decade of social media marketing experience to the team. His extensive experience with social media platforms has allowed Rahman to develop effective marketing strategies that have led Fame Media to become well-known in the greater Toronto region.

“In order to reap the benefits of having a massive business personal brand, the marketing approach must include careful implementation of high-level content, press, and strategic Instagram growth,” said Kamran Zahid, CEO of Fame Media.“That’s where Fame Media comes in—our dedicated team of experts knows what it takes to help a brand make a name for themselves. The marketing industry is constantly shifting, but our team has the skills to adapt to these shifts.”

Fame Media’s impressive strategizing skills show through in their recent accomplishments. The full-service digital marketing agency has managed to assist clients in verifying their personal and business Instagram pages in less than 24 hours—a difficult feat that even the most advanced PR agencies struggle to achieve in longer time frames.

In a world where technology and social media are constantly evolving, Fame Media has the skills to understand changing algorithms and create marketing strategies that actually work.

Kamran & Nuran highly encourage individuals who are looking to start their own businesses to seek advice from professionals. They strongly believe that if you have the right mindset when getting into entrepreneurship, you can accomplish your goals.

They remind new entrepreneurs that, “there are many ups and downs along the way that will come unexpectedly. By maintaining a clear vision, working on yourself daily and accepting/learning from your past you will always prevail. Instead of quitting, take time to rest and process what your problems are”.

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