Famous Fitness Trainer Abhishek Kumar share his fitness journey

Let’s share my fitness journey, I think it would be interesting to learn for you

Obviously Being Fitness Freak, When I got infected with Covid 19. I was stress that How will I maintain my daily Fitness routine

Before covid (Nov 2019) my cholesterol level was 264 and my weight was approximately 90 kg. It was an alarming situation for me. I went to a very good MD practitioner near me and discuss My health report. He suggested not to have cholesterol medicine or else have to take it for lifetimes. He suggested doing a workout have a Healthy diet and proper rest or else I could have heart disease soon.

It was an alarming situation for me I have started doing workouts taking a Proper diet and proper sleep in the next 4months I lose around 20kg. I did lots of research on diet and workout I never followed or purchase And diet plan I customized my own and got results.

In March 2020. we all have seen the first lockdown and everything was closed I have worked hard for my weight loss and never was in the mood to waste all those things by sitting at home. I have discussed with my younger sister and we both started doing homework out together she lost around 16 kg in 3 months. And I succeeded to maintain my weight.

Now I am helping others to achieve their goal online through phone calls, video calls,s and also live workout sessions, weight loss is very easy when you are dedicated to it and obviously, it will not easy when you are lazy. Lots of Peoples are enjoying their transformation.

Home workout
Home workout is mainly for general fitness and basic bodybuilding. And this is very much required for old age people, busy and working professionals and housewife who is not able to go to the gym. But in current situations when we are saying to stay home and safe, In this situation home workout is necessary for everyone. You can check any interview of doctors they are recommending to Do Daily workouts in these pandemic times.

Workout helps you to increase immunity in your body. Workout helps Indigestion it helps in proper respiration and blood circulation workout. Help you to maintain proper oxygen levels in your body.
Now the people are facing challenges that “how to do a workout ” And ” When to do workout see everyone have different lifestyle and Different profession.

Some do work out in the morning, some in the afternoon, and Some in the evening or night so there can’t be a perfect schedule time for workouts. Everyone should do it in a fixed time as per their convenience. As per their working and different lifestyle. But try to fix the same time to achieve the best results.

Now the question is “How and which Workout?”

See everyone have different body structure and different Problem so each and everyone can customize their own workout plan. By discussing with their trainer. For example, we can do push-ups, Skipping jumping squats lunges crunches without any equipment.

And with the support or extension rope, we can perform the entire workout. I am not against of gym but in this pandemic situation and the people Who don’t have time the female of our family members or the older Family members can’t go outside or not willing to go outside. The workout they can perform at home with proper guidance and support.

Home workout Motivation
Motivation plays a crucial role in any development, we know-how world is accepting motivational speakers nowadays for development. Some people are self-motivated some need motivation. So home workout motivation is a much-needed thing for better results always try to contact.

Those who have done all those things gone through all those things. You need to care for yourself you have to love yourself. Give some time To yourself for better grooming in all aspects.


Diet is very much important in any transformation. The workout we do Around 1hrs approx daily but main body transformation depends on our kitchen what we eat how much we eat etc. Now people will as What to eat and how much see everyone have different taste and they want to eat as per their taste and like some are pure veg some like nonveg some have Jain food in taste.

So believe me you can customize your diet with the proper dietitian. It will help you to enjoy your transformation. And as per body types and requirements also you can customize your diet plan some needs to lose weight some needs to weight gain so diet will be varied to the person to person so people should work and customize their diet plan with the help of their dietitian.


Here I would like to say that body transformation is not about losing weight only weight gain is also comes under body transformation and believe me losing weight is tough but gaining weight is tougher.
Read and see the body transformation journey of people it will motivate you and challenge you to achieve your best.

Once you will come in contact with people who transformed them you will see the difference in their physical appearance, in their body language their confidence level and their testosterone levels. And this will motivate to do workout and transform your self.

Family workout

Pandemic has taught us that life is unpredictable and you are most love and care for your own family members only. So being a responsible Family member we should encourage or motivate our family members to do workouts.

It will create a good and positive environment in the home it will support and motivate other family members to do workouts and another hand it increases love affection bonding and caring in the family.

Especially ladies members of our family who are the backbone of the family including mother grandmother sister-wife daughters. They are not made to just do household work they also deserve healthy Life.

Take care of your family members especially Female members so that They Take care of us in the best and better manners.

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