Farhan Majid Merits his Role as a Leader, Balancing Business and Environmental Awareness

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Farhan Majid is a conscious entrepreneur with a focus on taking imperative environmental action through utilizing technology and business savvy. His purpose is to better the environment because he knows we are running out of livable space on Earth and time if we continue to do things the way they are now.

Farhan combined his business knowledge, technology research, and consulting background to start his own company that would help with environmental efforts.  Greens Enterprises is a one-stop solution to the land pollution and negative impacts of plastic on humans. They are committed to reducing single-use plastic and styrofoam disposables by replacing them with fully compostable, high-quality products that customers love.

Being aligned with his purpose is inspirational and motivates Farhan to keep a consistent flow of growth. The magic of Majid comes from the intrinsic cooperation of his heart and mind towards the same vision. Every time he has been disillusioned or ended a business venture or a job, there has always been another opportunity that has presented itself prior to him terminating the previous one. The new venture has always propelled him to grow exponentially as a person and expand his skill set, whether it is in the same industry or a completely new business idea.

Additionally,  Farhan has seen firsthand the hard work that his parents put in from the time they arrived in the United States raising four children and balancing all the challenges of living in a whole new culture.  It creates a burning desire for Farhan to keep moving forward and pursuing his goal of retiring them as quickly as possible.

Being the child of immigrants, Farhan had the unique perspective of what it takes to be adaptable and successful in a worldly way. This gave him the ability to focus on goals while being able to keep the big picture in view.

Farhan has always had an interest in anything and everything technology-related and was also consistently the go-to person if something wasn’t working (tv, phone, laptop, etc). He is always learning new things that expand his understanding of the world we share.

Farhan studied business management at James Madison University, where he first came out of his shell while studying abroad in Belgium, which is facilitating him to help the greater good. Farhan’s semester abroad in Belgium in his junior year of university taught him not only how to live on his own, but also opened his mind to different views, cultures, etc.

Farhan Majid now resides in the cultural melting pot that is Los Angeles, CA. When he moved there in 2017, Farhan found himself having to restart his entire foundation again which put him outside his comfort zone and forced him to grow once again.

It was a challenge that he is grateful for because it catalyzed Greens Enterprises when he saw so much waste that was overflowing onto the nearby intersections and streets when he visited a local recycling center in the city. He mobilized people to improve their community together.

The young professional has expanded his professional network which he can count on to this day. Being connected and networking is imperative for Farhan who has become a man of action in contrast to his prior pensive ways. We are all on his team because he is certainly on ours.

He exemplifies a dynamic leader whom you should be following on Instagram to keep up with him. Befriend him on Facebook to connect further. Farhan will continue to create a positive shift within all the realms he operates in, and his influence as a role model.

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