Fariba Rahimi, Model and Entrepreneur Believes in Adapting to the Latest Technology Trends

The technological revolution changed the course of all businesses and we now need to keep up with these changes, continuously.  

We are living in a technological era where nearly all the industries have seen a paradigm shift from conventional methods to technological techniques. All the small and large industries have integrated mechanized processes into their production plants on some scale. Computers have become foundational in all businesses, rather than a rarity. Marketing is done through paid social media channels.

For example, real estate businesses are always evolving to meet market needs. According to Fariba Rahimi, CEO of Trøndervask, model and a member of Forbes Business Council, real estate marketing techniques have been changing rapidly. Since the industry is too saturated now, businesses have to integrate the latest marketing techniques to stand out.

Fariba started her facilities and real estate business about ten years ago. From her early twenties, she was working multiple jobs and struggling for stability. When most of the people of that age are confused, Fariba knew exactly where she was supposed to head.

After working at a modelling agency for two years, switching jobs in several fields and finally gaining some first-hand experience, Fariba launched her own facilities and real estate businesses. Fast forward to ten years later, today her companies are earning in six-digits. Fariba now works as a full-time model with various international brands including Versace. 

The famous model, influencer, entrepreneur and a Forbes Business Council member is the epitome of success in the truest sense. To stay one step ahead of the others, Fariba Rahimi proactively manages her businesses, making sure that they are integrating the latest tools and techniques into their processes. So what’s the secret to her success after all? How did she manage to build and drive her two businesses to success simultaneously while being a model? We asked her and here is what we learned.

In an interview, Fariba Rahimi told us that she is very excited to welcome this new decade and is prepared with a solid marketing plan for her businesses. For instance, Facebook recently put limitations on their target-based “specialized” ads for real estate businesses. This means that real estate owners can no longer ‘laser target’ specific audiences.

So real estate businesses will now have to target people by the overall demographics, rather than a specific one. Fariba says that businesses need to get accustomed to these new practices if they want to survive. Moreover, this new decade is all about the internet. If you have a strong presence on all social media channels, you will be leading the race! 

Fariba’s facilities business is one of the biggest in Norway with a wide reach on all internet platforms. She has always stayed ahead of time to integrate the latest practices and methods in her cleaning business. From the products and methods they use to the people they employ, everything is above market standard. They use eco-friendly products and procedures to minimize the company’s carbon footprint and incorporate cost-efficient practices.

Most of her employees are certified professionals equipped with the latest knowledge and skills. Her company is also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified because of maintaining the best Quality Management System and Environmental Management System. These certifications are proof of how her company meets customer requirements by offering quality solutions as well as improving the impact on the environment. 

Fariba’s company serves many major public and private companies and institutes for all sorts of cleaning. Her company was one of the first to get prepared to implement COVID-19 precautions in all of the customer facilities where all of her staff are daily tested. This immediate response by her company was appreciated by all of her clients and was regarded truly remarkable. 

Fariba believes that one’s commitment to their business is easily reflected by how they treat their customers. And if you do not implement the latest practices and trends, you will always stay behind in meeting your customers’ expectations. 

Both of Fariba’s businesses continue to work with the leading and high-profile clients in the industry due to her top-notch services and proactive marketing techniques. As the CEO of Trøndervask, Fariba’s only suggestion for struggling businesses is to implement the latest trends in all of their business strategies, especially marketing and operations. 

The international model, influencer and entrepreneur look after her company actively while being a model and an aspiring actor. We are certain that her commitment and timeliness in everything she does will continue to make waves in both the business and the fashion industries.

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