The Fascinating Connection Between Entrepreneurship and Dating

Wait did I really just read that? You better believe that you did. It is entirely true that entrepreneurship is a lot like dating. Have you thought about the connection the two of them have? I’m sure you haven’t, let me explain what we’re talking about. They’re more alike than you would’ve ever thought.

When you got out into the world of dating, do you really have any idea about what you’re doing? Of course you don’t, it’s what’s to be expected. When you first start out as an entrepreneur, you have no idea what you’re doing. No one tells you anything.

You can take advice from everyone, but until you finally take action on your own, nothing is going to get done. You learn to take advice from those who have what you want. You don’t take advice from people who don’t have the same mentality as you. Why would you take advice from someone on dating, when they can’t even handle a relationship themselves? We do this too many times because it’s the easy way.

Instead of seeking people out, we ask those around us. It’s a scary place out there, but you have to start somewhere. The best way to start is to start networking or watching videos online.

You find what you think is the perfect girl (or guy.) You spend all your time thinking about her. You come up with a plan on how you are going to talk to her or how you are going to ask her out. Doesn’t this sound like a business plan? Everything is all set and ready to go. You finally go up to that girl and ask her out. This is the same as the launch of your business.

You planned and prepared for days, then you finally put it out there. You don’t care what anyone says about you now because the hardest part is over with. All the stress and pent up anxiety you had, has all been released. It’s such a great feeling and then you start to wonder what was so scary in the first place? Nothing, absolutely nothing. We just make it up in our heads. You have to fight it, suppress it, don’t let anything get to you.

Everything is going great. No problems have seemed to arise yet, none that you have could have seen coming. This is what we like to call the honeymoon stage. You guys are having a great relationship, but then as the months go on, the honeymoon stage starts to wear off. You don’t have that lust anymore. You wonder if you are even doing the right thing. You have some tough decisions to make.

As an entrepreneur, when you create a business it is amazing. You can’t stop telling anyone and everyone about it. The hard months come when all that pizazz is gone. You will know by now, that if you don’t love it, it will be time to put an end to it. It doesn’t if your girl is a dime or if your business is making tons of money, if it isn’t making you happy, you are going to feel the impact on your life and it’s not going to be a pleasant impact either. In a relationship when it doesn’t appear to be working out anymore, you get rid of that person.

You take a couple of days to think about what went wrong. You continue to learn and plan. You have growing pains, but it’s what it takes to get to what you want. Always remember that if what you wanted didn’t come with some form of a struggle, everyone would do it. You are part of the select few who doesn’t give up, no matter how hard it gets.

You’ve had your first break up. Feels terrible, doesn’t it? This is the same feeling when you or if you fail your first business. You have no idea what you are going to do. How are you going to start over? If you think about it in the terms of dating, would you really never date another girl just because the first one didn’t work out? You have are going to have to try out several different businesses before you finally find the one. It’s part of the natural law of life.

Then just like marriage, you have found the business that works for you. Your business has ups and downs, but you know that it is going to turn out okay. You visualize in your mind what the future is going to be like. The more you envision it, you quicker you are going to come to achieving it. That also comes with the hard work you are going to put in.

You are no longer a rookie, you are an expert. You know how to handle situations better than ever before. You are well-equipped for the life of an entrepreneur.

Lastly, much like dating and entrepreneurship, you have some fear. It is not only until you go after what you want that you realize how stupid you were for fearing anything in the first place. You push yourself through any limitations you might have, no matter what they might be.

Being an entrepreneur is exactly like dating. They are two totally different things, but in the end, they all have the same end result. The end result is to be happy and loving who you are with and what you are doing. Now that is a fulfilled life! If you aren’t there yet, keep searching and don’t stop. You never know how close you might be towards achieving your goal! You could be one break up away from finding the one or one failed business away from finding the one that is going set you up for life.

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