Fashion Influencer, Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, and Trendsetter; Chris Chung.

The new fashionista entrepreneur who is all set to rock and take over the fashion industry and the digital marketing space is Chris Cheung. With numerous competitors in the market pertaining to fashion industry, it requires special efforts for any individual or a firm to stand apart from competition and let their brand to all the talking.

Chris Cheung has been highly successful in creating that brand awareness for his company “Locate 852” and has created huge recognition for himself and carved a special place in the industry.

Extremely passionate for fashion industry, Chris’s sheer hard work and interest has yielded him to make his stand well within the industry. Chris was very much clear in his mind that this would be an exciting career opportunity for him, moreover he felt that it was never like working but all about enjoying his work. Chris now is not only an entrepreneur but also a key fashion influencer, brand strategist, social media marketer and advisor for umpteen number of clients.

Chris started conceptualizing and ideating since a young age and then with the advent of Social media world grabbed an opportunity to create huge brand awareness programs and became a key influencer for people. Today he is a successful Facebook ad strategist and helps place brands at key areas to get noticed well by the customers.

He has helped lot of clients get the necessary attention on the web and thereby increased huge footfalls for their respective brands. Chris opines that social media apps create a huge promise among brands to get noticed and can get the necessary output for mist of the firms. Creating valuable content and gaining users attention is also a key element in strategically placing your brand on the internet.

He mentions that “Content is the King, as he says fashion is all about aesthetics and so your Instagram content needs to portray the best of the best.” Chris also mentioned that there are many external parameters that one needs to keep in mind while promoting their brand on the internet like consumer buying behaviors, targeted audience, age group, current markets etc.

Coming from good and wealthy family, Chris was always inclined towards advertising and marketing and wanted to make it a full-time career in it by starting his own venture. All the hard work and struggles done earlier has enabled him to enjoy the recognition and popularity that he garners today in the fashion industry.

Chris has worked with many fashion/lifestyle brands like Apple Music, Boohoo, Boohooman, Cornerstone, Deliveroo, Dior Parfums, Forever 21, Nokia, Paul Smith, Proper Corn, Ralph Lauren, Specsavers ( Ted Baker, and Vitabiotics. They have also gathered many testimonials from renowned public figures like David Meltzer, Kevin O’Leary, and Bethenny Frankel.

Chris continues to hustle hard in life and with global aspirations in mind, they want to reach deeper and higher. Follow him on Instagram @chrisichung.

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