Fashion Is a Form of Self-Expression Says Model Aarya Jadhav.

Fashion models have been creating their identity on a global platform with their impeccable work. It has gained mainstream status in recent times and many from other professions are jumping into it as it gives them a global exposure and creates a huge impact everywhere owing to their wide presence through various different channels, be it print, media or TV.

Out of the many names who have done exceptionally well in their modelling careers is a young model from Pune, India, who has worked on a global platform and made her name shine like stars, she is Aarya Jadhav.

The young model Aarya Jadhav has been a medical professional having done her bachelors in homeopathic medicine from an esteemed institute in Pune, followed by management verification from IIM, Bangalore, in business Analytics. After her formal education Aarya Jadhav has worked in East African countries like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and has also had the privilege to meet the president of Kenya during one of her official visits as she worked in the healthcare non-profit organizations during her stint there.

She soon moved to the United States in a bid to lookout for greener pastures and ended up doing retail jobs to survive. “times were tough, but I had to work with whatever I could lay my hands on to survive and sustain myself on foreign shores,” says Aarya.

Aarya Jadhav started her fitness journey at the same time and started concentrating on building up her health by charting out a program which included diet, exercise and running. Simultaneously, she was pursuing her modelling career which landed her a plump assignment with a Proctor and Gamble (P&G) commercial ad in 2020, and that jumpstarted her career in the modelling world.

What followed were a series of work assignments including a south asian dating print modeling and a lead actress in a 17 minute short film called Hitchhiker.

The growing number of modelling and acting offers made up Aarya Jadhav’s mind to pursue her career in the entertainment industry and with that aim she got her photoshoot done from famous photographers in LA and from across the US, and as they say, rest is history.

Her current achievements include getting offered to work out from the exclusive gym in the US called The Dogpound in LA which she thinks is indeed a privilege.

Aarya Jadhav is also doing her modeling boot camp and has got a chance to work with the renowned acting agency the cast station. “my fitness levels are at an all time high and the six pack abs that you see are built without any supplements or drugs, says Aarya before signing off.

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