Fashion Model, Basketball Player and now an Entrepreneur, Sarah Kpossa has Donned Many Hats Successfully.

Just seventeen and already ahead of many careerwise, hard to believe isn’t it? but it’s true.

This gorgeous teen model Sarah Kpossa from Strasbourg, France, has reached those towering heights which only a few can dream of. She has excelled exceedingly well in her career as a fashion model and now an entrepreneur. She also has a powerful online presence making her one of the best influencers of present times.

After taking the modelling world by a storm, she is now ready to explore her entrepreneurial streak by foraying into the world of business. It’s interesting to know how a teen her age achieved such astounding levels of success in no time. Let’s hear it from her how she moved upwards in her career and more about her life.

Readers are keen to know how Sarah started her journey and what were her experiences from being a successful fashion model to the owner of her own brand. “I was always interested in the glamour industry and with that aim I started showcasing my photographs on Instagram which became an instant rage in no time. Chance noticed me and introduced me to the world of fashion modelling by giving me a break in their embroidered luxury streetwear brand ‘Chance Paris’, which marked the start of my career,” says Sarah.

There was no looking back since then and Sarah modelled for many known brands like Sixth June, Pretty Little Thing, Oh Polly and Lounge Underwear. Then came the big decision to step into the world of business by introducing her own cosmetic brand named ‘Kpossa Beauty’.

“I always wanted to establish my own business as I was very keen in helping the community through my endeavours and what better way than employing people to work for my company and contributing in whatever little way I can by helping them build up a secure future by providing employment,” says the stunner. Sarah also informs us that she has plans to start her own clothing line at ‘Chance Paris’ in the near future.

We ask what are her future plans in another five years to which she replies “I want to start a charity which would help the needy across the world and I also dream of seeing myself as a pro basketball player in coming time.”

Follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahkpossa or visit her official website to know more about her.

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