Swedish multinational clothing-retail company Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is rumored to be putting major resources into a high tech project.

Influencive can report that a credible source was invited to their new technology lab in Los Angeles, where the new vision was revealed. [EDITOR’S NOTE: SOURCE REMOVED FOR PRIVACY]

“It was only a 6-minute visit,” says our source, who had to walk through multiple doors to enter the secret location. “I can understand the secrecy, because this was probably the strongest vision I’ve ever seen of what fashion will look like in the future,” our source added.

“They have redesigned the way a community is built, which has already attracted the name stylists and pop culture talent that was there. These are all big names, but I can’t tell you who yet. I’m not even supposed to tell you this,” she adds.

What the team or the new project is called is yet to be revealed, but we have reached out to H&M for a comment. The only lead we have is a URL that was reportedly on the wall: www.shft7.com.

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