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Hersh Chopra

It’s estimated that one out of every three young adults owes student loan debt. In the U.S., college tuition is so expensive that many post-graduates suffer from stress and anxiety due to their accumulated debt balances ranging from $40K to $500K depending on their degree.

This is where Hersh Chopra and his services come into play! He coaches clients to help them overcome the fear of their debt and turn it into an actionable mindset. Ultimately, he works with clients to create a plan that will leave them debt-free and starting to build wealth.

Who is Hersh Chopra?

Hersh Chopra is a son of immigrants who began to learn the value of money at a young age. He watched his parents give up everything they had in India for a brand-new start in the United States. It was here they worked for years doing cashier-type jobs to provide a better life for their family.

He believes in paying it forward, so his greatest feeling of accomplishment comes from his clients teaching others what they learned from him.

He thanks mentors such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Ramit Sethi, and Jay Shetty for pushing him to take action toward his goal of helping others. He loves that these mentors spread kindness through their teachings from podcasts, live events, courses, and books. Of course, he never forgets to give his family credit for always teaching him to help other people and give back.

A Proven Track Record

Perhaps the biggest proof that Hersh Chopra can help you achieve what he says is because of his own story. He combined the information he learned on his own with an aggressive plan and was able to pay off $125K in student loan debt in just three short years. This is huge because some graduates expect to take fifteen or more years to pay off their debt.

While Hersh learned a lot between UCLA and UC Irvine, the one thing they didn’t teach him was how to manage finances or pay off debt. This is when he realized he’s not alone; there are many other college graduates out there with his same desire to become debt-free and live a more meaningful life.

So, he took everything he learned through life and started Hersh Chopra Financial Coaching in 2019. His main goal is to help people like his family prevent making financial mistakes due to a lack of understanding.

Hersh Chopra Financial Coaching

At Hersh Chopra Financial Coaching, Hersh empowers his clients by providing them with the necessary financial knowledge and skills they need to take action long after their coaching sessions are over.

Just two years after starting, Hersh has accumulated over 10K Instagram followers and has helped thousands of clients with valuable tools and financial tips to help them achieve financial security.

In fact, a few of his clients were saved from losing millions of dollars just by listening to his advice on missed retirement wealth accumulation. They found his services at the perfect time because had they waited, they would’ve lost a significant amount of wealth.

Other clients have saved thousands of dollars in interest payments on student loans. This is one way Hersh was able to pay off his debt in just three years. Throughout his aggressive three-year plan, he was able to save $40K in interest payments.

Though he can help anyone looking for financial planning services, most of Hersh’s clients are college graduates or young working professionals looking to find financial freedom through mindset transformation, education, and customized money management tools.

The bottom line is that Hersh Chopra paid off $125K in student loans, bought his first home at 26-years old, a second home at 32, and grew a net worth of $500,000 in just five years.

As you can see, he has a proven track record of helping people gain financial freedom by becoming debt-free. If it weren’t for his system, Hersh wouldn’t be where he’s at today. He’s proof that if you create a plan and follow it, the “American Dream” can be yours.

You can contact or book a consultation appointment with Hersh either on his Instagram @hershchoprafinancialcoach or on

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