Ever since Bitcoin launched in 2009, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been hot, trending topics that are continually on the rise and in the news. Despite recent concerns surrounding the “crypto crash,” cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are still buzzwords that have everyone excited. While just a few short years ago, blockchain still seemed to be something imagined for the future, the technology has quickly become a reality that has been revolutionizing multiple industries and changing the way the world does business.

Blockchain technology has a variety of uses any business could benefit from; from facilitating and enforcing smart contracts to data sharing, there’s so much it can do. A number of companies have even started to harness the power that blockchain technology has and offer it to the world. Here are our favorite blockchain companies of 2018 (so far!).

Constellation Labs

Founded by a team of scientists, distributed systems engineers, technical business professionals, and marketing and business development gurus, Constellation Labs’ product, Constellation, is designed to make blockchain more scalable, truly decentralized, mobile compatible, and much more.

Because current blockchain technology like Bitcoin and Ethereum have limitations, they cannot be adopted and scaled to suit the current architecture of distributed consumer applications. Constellation aims to remedy that through a fault-resistant, horizontally-scalable, distributed operating system that can implement full nodes as a mobile client.

Nano Vision

Would you have ever thought blockchain technology could help fight against global health threats? The creators of Nano Vision did. They believe finding a cure for cancer, preventing the spread of infectious disease, defeating superbugs, and many of the world’s greatest health crises are some of the most critical challenges our world faces, but the current approaches cause us to lose precious time in making progress.

Rather than spending trillions of dollars only to see sporadic success caused by critical data becoming siloed in individual institutions and governments, Nano Vision proposes we share that critical data with the entire world. Because blockchain technology records information chronologically but cannot be altered after it has been recorded, research and discoveries could be shared, in real time, with professional and “citizen scientists” alike. Sharing that kind of information could bring the world together and help us find better treatment methods and cures faster and more often.


The creator of Fr8 Network started the company as a solution to problems he had faced as a long-time insider of the trucking industry. Having his own freight company, he became tired of spending millions of dollars each year trying to work with third-party brokers but continually running into problems. Frustrated with not being able to find something with capacity for his shipments and dealing with the disconnect between shippers and carriers, he decided to cut out the middleman — and it all went up from there.

Realizing there wasn’t necessarily a need for brokers, he founded Fr8 Network to solve a number of industry problems using blockchain technology. Because blockchains can move critical data out of silos and onto an open network, and because they can facilitate and enforce contracts, blockchain technology was the perfect solution. Fr8 Network works to solve today’s freight challenges with efficiency, using everything from AI to automation to self-driving trucks.


One of the concerns of those wanting to get involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is compliance. While the space is not heavily regulated, there are still rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Securrency combines FinTech and RegTech to enable free trading of illiquid asset classes. Their purpose is to make financial services more secure, transparent, efficient, and accessible. Securrency serves three main groups – investors, portfolio managers, and coin and token offerings.

Securrency enables instant transfers of fiat currencies, exchange-listed securities, and digital currencies and tokens. It also provides liquidity for any income-generating asset, such as a commercial real estate conglomerate or agriculture producer. Additionally, it brings compliant ICOs to the masses.


Playing an extremely important role for businesses working with blockchain, DecentraNet is a full-service blockchain advisory and consultancy. They focus specifically on helping entrepreneurs with a full suite of “done-for-you” services, deep industry partnerships, and access to capital and community events. They understand blockchain and provide the support and resources entrepreneurs entering the space need.

Blockchain can be complex, so having a company to help you bring your idea to life and get your business going is invaluable.

With so many different uses, it’s exciting to see the effects blockchain technology has had on our world already and easy to see how it will continue to shape and change various industries.

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