Feenyx is Ready to Show the World he has What it Takes

In today’s society, it has become clearer than ever that the internet gives you the ability to access opportunities that you previously never had before. Regular people are taking their dreams and transforming them into reality through this new virtual way of doing things and Feenyx is joining them in doing so.

After moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 2014, Feenyx has been laser-focused on his craft and the creation of his music from top to bottom and is now ready to use his talents along with the power of the world-wide-web to create what he’s always dreamt of. 

Using the web to his advantage, Feenyx has used it to make connections within the music industry that he will keep with him for life. He never truly knew the power that is held in the world of music until he began to get tapped in for himself. Feenyx has learned that it is essential for artists in their career today to network, collect streams, and push their music via different outlets if they want to be heard. All of this is key for anyone who is all-in on their career like Feenyx is. 

Doubling down and going all-in on his career is no easy task for any artist who is looking to make a name for themselves. It can be difficult to stay the course and keep your vision aligned when you’re constantly trying to prove you have what it takes, and this speaks volumes on Feenyx’s character as a whole.

He remembers the days that no one tuned in, but regardless of that he kept pushing forward and leaned on himself when the times got tough. Facing his adversities head-on has prepared Feenyx for this battle and he refuses to not come out on top. 

With no intentions of slowing down until he reaches his pinnacle, Feenyx is ready for whatever the world tosses his way. His relentless attitude and determined work ethic will take him extremely far and it will be enticing to watch a deserving artist grow into their dream role. Make sure to stay tuned in as Feenyx’s claim to fame is coming a lot sooner than most expect. 

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