Felix Demin, The Entrepreneur Known for Multiple Successful Businesses, Talks About Thriving and Expanding Businesses With Leadership.

A closer look around us will show us know how things have been on a constant growth pedestal across industries of the world. Ever wondered what could have been the reasons that might have brought more glory and success to these industries?

Among a myriad of factors, which of course, includes the advent of technology, it is the incessant hard work and leadership of a few professionals and entrepreneurs that make all the difference that people see today across sectors worldwide. Serving as one of the finest examples of one such serial entrepreneur is Felix Demin, the man who believed, took over multiple niches and attained remarkable success.

However, it also must be noted here how Felix Demin went on a spree to explore different things in life, travel extensively around the world, and work towards personal development. Recently, in one of his articles on his website, he spoke about sharing his 10-day experience of living like a monk while taking a “Vipassana” course, which is a meditation technique for focusing on the mind, sharpening it, and making it precise, to learn to monitor the body’s involuntary reactions and observe them.

On the same, he said, “You could compare what was happening to my mind to a magnifying glass I used to catch rays of sun with and do poker-work when I was a kid; something akin to it happens during a meditation, where the mind is rays of the sun, and the meditation is a magnifying glass. The technique was newly discovered by Buddha 2500 years ago; it’s not about religion; there were Muslims, Buddhists, Esoterics, Catholics, Atheists, Christians, astrophysicists, and probably many more in the same room as us.”

For the course, people came from New Zealand, Belgium, France, Indonesia, Russia, Australia, Italy, Germany, India, Ukraine, and many other countries, but not all were able to finish the course as he mentions how hard the brain work was and yet people weren’t allowed even to move when all one would want would be to escape.

Every day began with a gong sound at 4 am and before bedtime at 9 pm, and people would have 11 hours of group meditations. The rest of the time, people would meditate on their own, study the technique, communicate with the teacher, eat and rest a bit. No phones allowed. Also, no meeting anyone’s eyes and eating only vegetarian food.

He loves sharing his achievements and experiences of business, surfing, hiking, skydiving, meditation, travelling, and much more through his website.

He is the brain behind some of the hottest tourist destinations across the world, like ‘Bubble Hotel Bali.’ Felix Demin also stunned people when he owned an old Boeing 737 airplane and turned it into a luxury villa, 150 meters above the ocean at the top of a cliff. He also owns a hospitality facility, the “Private Jet Villa” project, and has a charitable project, “Make Bali Clean,” motivating people to keep the planet clean. He is a multiple business owner and thinks he could reach thus far by focusing on good leadership.

Felix Demin highlights that for any workspace or business to thrive and expand; people need to focus on making good leadership a top priority. In fact, businesses and workspaces of any size must educate their team members about the practices of good leadership. This leadership leads to benefiting organizations and brands in ways more than one.

He points out that great leadership can boost confidence among team members in a company, which can help them to complete their tasks more efficiently. A good leader’s presence and guidance in the company take people in the right direction. It also helps in harmonizing company or organizational goals with the interests and goals of the individual employees.

This helps them in resolving conflicts and sets a great harmony between everyone involved in a business. Good leadership also passes on immense zealousness and energy among team members, which improves productivity rate and their overall work performance.

Felix Demin says through his personal experience that his leadership has helped imbue more motivation and hope in others, which led his team members to understand their potential and push limits to gain greater results for the company and themselves.

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