Female Entrepreneurial Wellness: Power in The Pause

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We know that burnout is the least favorite place for CEOs to find themselves, yet many do. With constant deadlines, battling the masculine paradigms of the endless hustle, and the misguided need to compete for the top spot, female entrepreneurs are ready to break free, unplug and reignite their power – found only within the pause.

Stacey Boehman is an LCS Certified multi-millionaire Sales and Mindset Coach helping Life Coaches make money. In a recent podcast episode, she spoke to the power and speed of results created for her students on the other side of a ‘strategic time-period of procrastination’.

The method: know the result you want and create luxurious amounts of time to formulate the strategy which is deeply rooted in rock-solid beliefs and a powerful sense of self.

The momentum which comes off the back of this specifically cultivated spaciousness and newfound intimate relationship with self is where the power resides. We weren’t created to hustle our way to the top. We are fundamentally energetic beings and therefore when our innate ways are honored, the pause becomes our catalyst for our untapped potential to be realized.

A pause to breathe, a pause to recalibrate, a pause to unlearn, relearn, and then to feel embodied in that new version of yourself.

Instead of allowing this spaciousness to be articulated, in reality, most female CEOs and Entrepreneurs fall back on the toxic paradigms of the masculine hustle-culture which is where their body has felt safe for so long.

This doesn’t have to be the case and here are 3 experts who have integrated ‘the pause’ as a new way to scale.

Michelle Beltran On Boundaries

Self-sacrificing mid-week, waiting for the weekend, and forgetting to breathe are one of the first signs of burnout for ambitious women. This comes as a result of poor boundaries and falling victim to competing for success vs embodying it – which comes naturally for women. 

“I was concerned that if I changed my hours or wasn’t available I would lose clients. In fact, in setting clear boundaries around a schedule and taking a pause, an amazing result unfolded: the client base grew by 30%, and clients booked within the firm schedule I set. It appeared taking a pause, slowing down, and being less available inspired even more bookings and client flow.”

Michelle Beltran is a best-selling Author, globally celebrated Intuitive Expert, Transformation Trailblazer, and Spiritual Teacher who has appeared in USA Today and Forbes. Her greatest joy is seeing people engage in more fulfilling lives and teaching them how to awaken, amplify and trust their inner voice.

It was through listening to her inner voice that she felt compelled to learn the art of setting boundaries to ensure she met her standards, and to breathe life back into her mission.

Her Secret: Define what ‘pausing’ means to you in your daily life and why it gets to become part of your daily success rituals. Be fierce in the boundary you put around these pockets of time and if relearning how to set and maintain boundaries is required, don’t hesitate to seek guidance and coaching from others to become a ‘Boundary Boss.’

Dana Kay On Honing Your Genius

According to Dana Kay, “As a result of setting better boundaries and cultivating intentional time to do more of what you are truly good at and love, your business will take off!” It was when she paused and sat in the space that her boundaries had created, that she realized more wealth was waiting to be made in life and business.

I used to do everything myself, and though that was certainly valuable in enabling me to learn various aspects of my business, it was also exhausting. When I finally realized the benefit of hiring a team of individuals to support me, my business took off! Not only did those hires free up my time, but they also enabled me to enjoy my business and do more of the things I love.”

Kay, who has been featured in Forbes multiple times, balances being a mother of a child with ADHD and her busy online practice of helping families reduce ADHD symptoms naturally, to allow children with ADHD to thrive at home, at school, and in life. 

Her secret: Stop trying to do everything yourself and hire a team of great people to help you.” 

The most beautiful strategy for aligned and sustainable success is spacious growth where you are completely supported by those who are often better at doing the tasks you were stuck doing yourself, just to prove you could.

Stefanie Bruns On Scaling Through Self-Care

Photo credit – Noga shadmi van de Reep

As Stacey Boehman speaks to ‘Strategic Procrastination’ to level up your belief and commitment to executing an aligned strategy, Stefanie Bruns speaks to rest equating increased levels of consciousness. Stefanie, ​​is a Quantum Psychologist, Business Mentor, and mother of 4 children with over 20 years of experience coaching ultra-successful people using methods that others would call crazy and spiritual – but that’s the sparkle of the omniverse that we are here to discover.

There was a time in my business when I worked 80-90 hours per week, it was when we also had young kids and a huge property with a permaculture garden. A single moment shifted the trajectory of my ability to grow: I realized that I needed to scale up my self-care to scale up my business. I set up clear working times, and a kind of reward system for the afternoon, to have something scheduled that would hold me back from working more and give me and my loved ones some pleasure and joy. From that moment on, I scaled my business and transformed it into a multi-million dollar conscious company.”

Her Secret: “I scale my business if I scale my self-care. Write this down!” She shares “The more I take time off, the more I increase my energy frequencies and tune into the quantum field to get advice, inspiration, and ideas”

In Closing, Take Your Time

It may never feel like it’s the right time to slow down, to be ever-present, and experience the riches that reside in every moment. When one thing is ticked off your ‘to-do’ list, another will always appear – falsifying the narrative that pausing is counterproductive. What it isn’t, is counterintuitive. As women, we are fundamentally intuitive beings, and therefore, when our innate ways are honored, the pause becomes our catalyst for our untapped potential to be realized.

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