Female Minority Breaks Generational Poverty Curse By Becoming a Top Forex Trader

Most people live under confinement that they are bound to generational poverty. It is hard to break the chain of poverty, but Kimberly Torres has proven that it is possible. She was born in New Jersey with a humble background, but she did not let that dictate her future. She did not know that she would later become a mentor of millions by educating them, which not every educator is willing to.

Kimberly Torres is a Top Trade Analyst with four years of experience under her belt. Additionally, she has more than a hundred thousand people that she trains weekly. She loves using herself as an example to let people know that everything is possible.

Your background is not your destiny

Her focus lies on the people who hail from humble backgrounds and are entangled by many beliefs. “The society has set a mantra that if you are from a humble background, then you cannot break it and shine,” Kimberly said in an exclusive interview. “I use myself as an example to prove that the belief is just an illusion and with zeal and determination, everyone, everywhere, can do anything he or she wants.”

Kimberly is on a quest to ensure that people leave their debt and get a good credit score. Since childhood, she was a critical and creative thinker, and she knew that there was no problem being born in the background she found herself in. According to her, the problem was allowing the background to dictate her moves.

Major accomplishments

Getting into Trading was, however, not a walk in the park. Kimberly attests that she has been through hell and back. Many times, giving up seemed like the only option she had, but she knew it was not an option.

“I was not special, neither am I the smartest, but I’m among the most paid in my High School reunion.” She said as she was advising her team. She further told them that having a purpose is the most important thing that anyone can do to ensure that she keeps going. “Without the purpose, I would have given up immediately after the first storm.”

Slowly, Kimberly mastered what she was doing, and she is now a Female Minority Top Trader. She has helped many families get out of debt, and she says that she is not quitting any time soon. Additionally, her students are also following her footsteps, and she has one who is operating an 8-figure business while two others are at 6-7 figures.


Kimberly’s life has proven that anyone can take not only a great turn but can also become an inspiration to many. She is a firm believer in hard work and resilience. She loves mentoring others to ensure that her success is shared by the community as well. This has portrayed heroism in her quest to empower the world.

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