Fiddle Envisions a Future Where Companies Can Worry Less and Potentially Grow More

In a perfect world, your company’s management team knows inventory levels, order statuses and production lead times at any and all times so as to keep the manufacturing process humming along smoothly. However, in the workaday real world there are often bottlenecks in those processes that can lead to friction, delays and disruptions that affect your business in very adverse ways.

What if there was an efficient, easy-to-use service, however, that made inventory, supply and production operations infinitely easier so that your focus could instead remain on growing the business? Fiddle, a Utah-based software developer, is revolutionizing how small-to-medium companies track inventory management, project management and workflow.

Already partnered with Jali Fruit, BelliWelli, Ticket Chocolate, G2G Protein Bars and rapidly growing co-packer, Dynamic Blending, Fiddle is well on its way to becoming the go-to source for companies looking to relieve the stress and planning concerns that go into short-term and long-term production levels. With their dynamic software, Fiddle’s partners are able to move away from manual spreadsheets and to a more efficient system that ensures visibility, accuracy and manages high growth.

  “We chose Fiddle because of the ease of use. We view Fiddle as a Trusted Partner, and highly endorse them,” said Gary Thornton, Operations Manager G2G Protein Bars.

Morgan Gilliam, COO and co-founder of Fiddle, once turned down a professional soccer contract in Norway to stay in America to chase his entrepreneurial dreams. For years, he’s been in pursuit of cutting-edge technology and software that can help companies run their businesses smoother and with greater efficiency. 

Gilliam, who started his first business (the street soccer clothing line, CALLE) prior to graduating from BYU and later Georgetown, is confident that Fiddle is the type of efficient software that can help small-to-medium-sized companies shift their worries away from production management issues and more toward growing the actual business.

 “Fiddle streamlines the order, sourcing and production process in an inventory ops platform to make it easier for brands and co-packers to scale,” Gilliam said. “We make it easy to bring in orders from multiple channels, manage suppliers with lead times, and any production workflow in an inventory ops software that also provides real-time visibility.”

Fiddle services both brands that sell direct to the consumer and co-packers that sell direct to brands. Its software is designed for most small-to-medium companies looking to get away from manual spreadsheets and to automated and trackable solutions that can better assist them in scaling their products.

Also, Fiddle allows companies to fulfill orders on time, every time with ShipStation integration.  It allows managers to more accurately view product depletion and inventory supplies in real time for improved accuracy with ordering. Purchase orders are conveniently and safely stored in the cloud, work orders can be accessed by each member of the team, and documentation can be easily created for lot tracking to stay in compliance.

Fiddle differs from its competition in the marketplace by having its software focus on the day-to-day user functionality and not the accounting-based needs of the Chief Financial Officer. Whereas most competitors’ software offers only accounting-based solutions and operations and inventory management options are built in merely as an afterthought, Fiddle provides the tools for the daily user to have success with orders while also pushing the accounting data aside for use by the CFO and others.

E-commerce grew by 44% in 2020, putting more pressure than ever on small-to-medium companies to be efficient in how they fulfill orders on a daily basis. With software that is focused on maximizing efficiency and production, Fiddle provides a roadmap for how companies can combine inventory management, project allocations and workflow functions in the future.

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