Filip Boksa on Being in a Relationship When Growing a Business

Filip Boksa was born in Kraków, Poland on March 17, 1993. Later his parents moved to Chicago, IL, when he was just a young boy. Today at 29, his company King of Maids, surpassed $10,000,000 in revenue, and he co-founded and became CEO of BookingKoala, which is home to thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

The Start of his Journey as an Entrepreneur

Boksa founded King of Maids at the age of 19 with his best friend from high school. Together, they invested $3,000 each and quickly scaled the business to 7 figures. By the time Boksa was 22, the company had crossed $5,000,000 in revenue.

At 24, he co-founded BookingKoala with Vivek Prajapati, with whom he built a relationship over the years. Prajapati was the head developer who worked on King of Maids, Boksa’s first business.

During this time, Boksa says he stayed single on purpose. It wasn’t until he was 26 years old that he decided he was ready to give relationship a chance.

The Reason Behind Staying Single For All This Time

When asked why he purposely didn’t want a relationship for seven years, he responded, “When you’re serious about your goals, you don’t want anything to stand in the way of them. I knew that starting a brand new relationship would require a lot of work, and I wasn’t ready to have a relationship and grow a business simultaneously.”

When asked what he thinks about the decision today, Boksa said, “I stand by that decision more than ever. When you look back at my journey as an entrepreneur, I took one vacation from when I was 19 until I turned 26. I did that because I worked 24/7, and I saved as much money as possible to fund all my ideas and business ventures.

Every single penny I made was reinvested somehow. I spent just enough money to survive during those years, and it was easy to do that because I was single. It wouldn’t have been that easy if I was in a relationship, especially a brand new one that requires time to figure out each other.” 

Boksa doesn’t think this approach is the only way to reach success, nor is it for everyone. He says you could find someone that will make all the same sacrifices as he did from the start, and in fact, it might be more effective. However, he did not want the added pressure, so he decided to wait until things started to fall into place for him financially.

Being Married And Having His Wife Run Their Business

That approach seemed to work for him exceptionally well, and he’s glad he waited. Boksa got married at 28 to Greta Boksa, two years after he met his partner. Boksa says that his wife now runs King of Maids entirely by herself while he focuses only on BookingKoala. He also says that King of Maids is more profitable than ever before, and she does a fantastic job running the company.

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