Film Direction Is What Kerala’s Digital Marketer and Web Developer Suhail Shaji Wants to Do in the Coming Years

Alappuzha Kerala born Suhail Shaji is multi-talented person and a renowned name in Kerala.

To achieve great in one field is natural but to achieve big in various streams needs special talent.
If you ask anyone today what’s trending in India, you will get the Answer IT and Film Industry, and most of the youth in India dreams of making it big in these two fields.

We came across one talent in the news for his Digital marketing skills and love for film direction. Yes, young talent Digital Marketer, a Web developer from Kerala Suhail Shaji.

Suhail Shaji:
Alappuzha Kerala born Suhail Shaji is multi-talented person and a renowned name in Kerala. He is a social media influencer, digital marketing expert, Web Developer and now planning to put his foot in the Film industry as a Film Director in the coming years.

Web Developer of Kerala turning into PRO Digital Marketing expert:
Suhail Shaji started as a web developer, but he found digital marketing productive with time, so he shifted his mind towards the most trending thing in India, Digital Marketing.

When asked Suhail Shaji, he said he gets motivation from people who try different innovative things in life. Right from an early age, he was attracted to the Film line. Even after remaining so busy with his digital marketing and web developing work, his love for Film Direction always remained the same.

Being a creative person, Suhail Shaji feels direction plays the most important part in any film success. Mammootty, Mohanlal, Prithviraj and all are his favourite actors. He has also spent days with the Manoharan film team.

He wants to grow in Digital Marketing helps brands and Individuals reach more and more people with his marketing skills. With that, he dreams of directing a film in the coming years and grow as a notable director of our time whom people remember for his artwork.

Great to see talent like Suhail Shaji, who is thriving in multiple streams achieving everything personally and professionally.

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