Filmmaker and VFX artist Sai Krishna aka Naani Krissh is leaving no stone unturned to take the Indian cinema on a global level

In the last decade, the entertainment industry has witnessed tremendous changes. We have seen an ocean of talents showcasing their diversified skills. With the ever-changing environment, one thing that has remained constant is the adaptability to learn new things. Additionally, regional cinema has also picked up during this time giving many talents a platform. Sai Krishna, popularly known by the name Naani Krissh has been donning various roles at a very young age.

The 25-year old professional is a director, producer, and creative artist who has worked on various projects like short films, feature films, and series. Known for his socio-fantasy directorial short film titled Opperah, the creative lad left everyone impressed with his filmmaking skills. The short film went on to clock around 10 million views across different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

While creativity runs in his veins, Naani Krissh says that he has got the genes from his late father Uppalapu Srinivas, the Padma Shri mandolin maestro of India. However, Naani chose to make a career in filmmaking and has achieved mammoth success in the field.

Some of the remarkable projects of his career as a director include Eega Spoof by Kids, NI (No Identity), and a documentary on the legendary legacy set by his late father in the field of music. His recent work was a short film titled Khaleshwar that is the first Indian 8K Ultra HD tech film. The film has garnered 4 million views across social media and is still going strong.

Along with his multi-faceted skills, Naani Krissh is also a phenomenal business mind. He is the proud owner of a studio named SSK Arts that promotes young and emerging filmmakers and artists from all over India.

In the last three years, Naani Krissh’s studio has helped many artists prosper in their careers as actors, directors, graphic designers, and VFX artists. Moreover, his film Opperah that was backed by SSK Arts got critical acclaim from veteran filmmakers like Kalaipuli S. Thanu.

Speaking about his vision and future goals, Naani Krissh revealed that he aims to provide the best VFX and animation services in the entertainment industry.

“In this digital era, my company aims to dominate the animation sector and also allow artists, actors, and directors to showcase the world-class cinema that India has to offer to a global audience”, he revealed. Well, Naani Krissh’s larger-than-life dreams are already shaping up and he is putting in the best effort to upscale Indian cinema on a global level.

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