Financial IQ Consultant, Shahè Jano Keshishian Discusses About His Experience in the Industry So Far

Shahè Shares his Experience on the Field

Shahè Jano Keshishian has experience of over 25 years as a skilled Financial IQ Consultant. A renowned person in the field of financial marketing, Shahè Jano Keshishian has achieved much recognition in the past 2 decades due to his devotion and impeccable work skills. With a strong network in the industry, Shahè Jano Keshishian has undoubtedly rendered some of the most appreciated services.

A humble and happy-go-lucky person, he has never been disappointed by failures. Rather his power to smile throughout the ocean of ups and downs is what attracts most of the people towards him. Loyal to his career, he has never been influenced by other forces. Even when it comes to his personal life, he has remained consistent with the people he loves and has always stood by his people in any and every situation of life.

Talking about his experience in the industry for which he has been working for more than 2.5 decades, he takes us down the memory lanes and smiles while he tries to recapture those beautiful moments! Yet to sum up his journey, he shares a few words of wisdom to help others.

To begin with, he believes that in order to maintain one’s charm and glory, a professional should always be honest to himself. This is because no matter what happens in our professional lives, Shahè Jano Keshishian says, it is highly important for us to stay true to ourselves and never lose our charm. Adding on, he emphasizes on the fact that stagnation is what stops one’s ability to grow. To row a boat in the ocean, we should keep rowing in order to keep going.

While we may take some time off to think or gain a perspective, one should always keep going to be able to excel and step on to the next pebble. Stagnating oneself is worse than quitting, he believes. One of the most crucial experiences he has gained so far in his career of over 2 decades is that being a professional, an individual should never combine his professional life with his personal life. Keeping a clear distance between the two is the key to a successful career and must be maintained throughout. As for professional life, nothing personal should be pushed in.

In this respect, he reveals his fourth takeaway. He says that personal beliefs like religion or politics should be kept out of the professional realm and that business should only concern our work and nothing else. Speaking from his personal experience, he asserts that being a professional, one has to draw a fair line between personal activities and professional affairs.

Lastly, his last take away from the experience he has gained so far is that one should always take a step back in order to leap forward. This means that taking some time off from work at regular intervals helps us to de-stress and de-clog our brains from all that is putting unnecessary pressure. Truly, his words of wisdom are surely great guidelines that anybody could ever ask for!


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.