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Find Out How Your Voice Can Become A Force Of Nature

Words carry power, and stories have been used since the beginning of time to share wisdom, inspire action and invoke thought. As a professional writing coach, ghostwriter and author, Alyssa Berthiaume has been shaped by the words and stories of people all her life, and built a career on helping people to find and share their own voices.

Having witnessed first-hand how sharing your voice can be empowering and liberating, Ally wholeheartedly believes that your voice can be a force of nature, and has shared some ideas to encourage others to step forward and become their own force.

Understand the magic and power of stories

Stories have the ability to captivate, move, inspire and entertain. A good story can make you laugh, cry and more, all at once! I’m sure there are people you absolutely love listening to as they spin tales of their experiences, pulling you in along the way and leaving you with a lot to consider about your own journey and experiences..

Good storytellers invite you into their world to confront challenging ideas and discover new insights, and your own story is just as important. There is a magic in the unique circumstances and experiences that make up your story.

As you learn to wield that story with confidence, you’ll find that there are people that will relate to and appreciate the same magic in your own story that you find in others. It all starts with you. Your story is a gift worth sharing, and someone, somewhere will be impacted by it. If we could each impact just one person, we could collectively change the world!

Rewrite your narrative

The narrative within our own mind is the same story that either empowers or limits us. Through rewriting your narrative, you’re able to explore new perspectives and remove the self-limiting beliefs that previously held you back. 

We all have our own painful, challenging and traumatic experiences that we’ve survived, but surviving doesn’t have to carry the negative connotation of “barely making it out alive.” Surviving is a blessing and you have the power to reframe the concept of surviving; changing that status from “surviving” to “thriving.” You get to name and define the place you’re in, so why not write it from a place where you’re safer, wiser, stronger and happier?

Tell your story, your way

The mediums by which you can share your story is endless, each with their own set of strengths, so find a method that works for you. You can try more traditional forms of writing such as a book; which can be an arch narrative dedicated to exploring your journey or framed around a specific concept that draws from your experiences for context. You can try articles and blog posts; which allow you to directly convey your perspective without overkilling it on the word count.

If writing isn’t really your thing and speaking your soul sounds more like your style; podcasts and video interviews are blowing up in popularity, with more people being drawn to audio visual formats.

An audience being able to connect with your voice and face adds more layers for them to latch on to, and there are elements of tone and expression that text just can’t capture. Even short-form content like Instagram Reels and TikTok offer unique, snappy ways to emphasize specific aspects of your message that cut the fluff and invite your audience to dive deeper into your story.

Looking for more wisdom and insight on braving the blank page and telling your story? Connect with Alyssa Berthiaume through her website or her LinkedIn page to learn more about how you can use your voice to empower yourself and impact the world around you.

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