Firing Up the Hollywood Hotplate

Ever wonder what life would be like working alongside one of the biggest icons of all time, Hugh Hefner?

I had an amazing opportunity to interview one of LA’s top celebrity chef’s Serena Poon, who began her culinary career working at the Playboy Mansion for Hugh Hefner.  Serena’s standout work at the mansion opened up a whole new world where top A-list celebrities took notice of the incredible masterpiece meals she created, and as a result, her business Spoon Events was formed.

Following her time at the mansion, Serena has worked with a wide variety of clients from around the country from prominent celebrities, athletes and executives, to the everyday family of four. Some of Serena’s clients include Kanye West, Adam Sandler, Jerry Brukheimer, Garry Marshall and many more.

As well as creating culinary masterpieces, Serena has also been featured on the Hollywood big screen. Serena started off with a small role on Valentine’s Day which soon progressed to a much bigger part in the movie New Year’s Eve, playing a chef alongside Katherine Heigl and Sophia Vergara—a chef playing a chef!

I wanted to share with you all some of the biggest highlights from our interview and how you can implement these factors in your own life.


How Are You Going to Use Your Opportunity?

Serena recommends always maximizing any opportunity available. You can either treat an opportunity as an everyday job and a grind on your life or you can really see it as a playground for enhancing and refining your skills and experience.

You Don’t Always Have to Take a Massive Leap in Your Career!

While working at the Playboy Mansion, Serena quickly started gaining the attention and interest of many A-list celebrities who wanted her to cater for many of their events and functions. Being able to create the life or business you want doesn’t always involve a massive leap. Serena built up her amazing business Spoon Events while working for Hugh Hefner.

The choice always should come down to what best suits your personality type and personal situation as to how much risk you are prepared to take in your career.

If You Feel Strongly About Something, You Have to Go for It

Some incredible advice Serena shared in our interview was her internal battles between what her family wanted her to achieve and what she personally wanted to achieve from her life.

“A lot of us don’t know what we are doing at first when we step out of our comfort zone into the unknown, but we have to be fearless because it is this fear that holds us back. We don’t want to fail, we don’t want to do it wrong and we are not really sure where to begin. It is just getting past that first hump and knowing what’s inside of you and believing in something you want to achieve.


Start Saying “Yes”

If you are not confident where you are at or are letting fear lead your direction in life, career or business you will probably notice that you are saying “No” to a lot of things. Instead of letting this fear and uncertainty stop you, take the challenge to be more open to saying “Yes”. Say yes to just about anything because you never know where it is going to take you, who you will meet and what opportunities will arise. It’s almost magic how the doors open when you open yourself up.


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