First Glove, the Glove Procurement Company Taking Over the Industry.

Current supply-chain issues is causing inventory shortages, First Glove keeps consistent supply to keep their customers operations flowing.

Realizing the industries need for a modern day approach, Co-Founders Marlon Browar and Dean Segal came together and established First Glove. Their high-efficiency production has seen First Glove comfortably support the rising global demand making them an industry leader in a very competitive industry.

The current supply-chain issues not only affects the health sector but also other industries such as food & beverage suppliers. These issues have created a rising costs of goods across the board but Co-Founders Browar & Segal haven’t raised their prices to end users building strong customer relationships.

Entering the industry, First Glove used a different approach. Their technology allows them to quickly communicate with customers and their production is able to produce twice the number of boxes and still maintain a high medical quality standard.

According to Marlon and Dean, their partnership meant providing a solution as fast as possible. First Glove was founded based on delivering quality, affordable, reliable and easily accessible gloves.

Although their main operations are in Malaysia, First Glove has an office in New York where they develop designs. First Glove has also partnered with several distributors across the globe. Their simple yet effective way of helping distributors generate more business as well as help them open new opportunities serves as a win-win for all.

Guided by their mission of providing the world with protection, the company is also empowering people to be the best versions of themselves. The team at First Glove is keen on quality and customer satisfaction.

Most of the work is done in house, which helps them cut down on unnecessary costs with middlemen. Marlon and Dean explain that this allows them to sell the gloves at an affordable price and still raise the finances to continue its operations.

Customers have different tastes and preferences. Depending on the use, the gloves for one customer may slightly differ from what another customer needs. To ensure they meet the changing consumer behavior and market landscape, First Glove also produces personalized gloves as per clients’ requirements.

One of their goals as a company is to uphold sustainability for a better and safer tomorrow. To do so, First Glove has adapted the use of resources that have minimal impact on the environment. Their state-of-the-art equipment allows them to conserve energy and safeguard natural resources. First Glove is also developing their own line of Bio-Degradable Gloves.

While they have established and cemented their place in the industry, their journey has had its share of difficulties. From the global shortage of resources to shipping rates and delays, as well as scams, First Glove has encountered several challenges. However, they have never given up on their mission and goals.

First Glove is redefining the industry one glove at a time through its modern glove supply platform. Their journey is also far from over; they aim to be the largest glove supplier in the United States. As part of giving back to the community, the team is actively involved in volunteer work, and they make donations to various charity organizations.

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