First-Rate Businessman Matic Mohar Turns Mentor for Aspiring E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Matic Mohar has been involved with various business models, he has a Masters degree in architecture and is a co-founder of an architecture office Atelier Abroad, yet it was not until he finished his study years that he discovered his true passion lies with E-Commerce.His readiness to problem solving and attention to detail he perfected as an architect give him a unique opportunity to bring meaningful value to any aspiring E-Commerce enthusiast.

This Slovenia-based tycoon has traveled to more than 50 countries across 6 continents, and is successfully running businesses that generate an average of $50k/month in revenue.

Thanks to his expertise, he was able to get incredible results for the first clients who joined his E-Commerce mentorship program.

His Inspiration And Journey

In 2015, he started his working career in New Zealand as an architect. In 2017 he lived in Amsterdam and dabbled in the cryptocurrency market and various business models. After finishing his Masters degree in architecture, he  moved to Japan in 2018 and started searching for his true calling.

Matic had always wanted to start a venture of his own.“I had a strong desire to create something on my own, a need that was fueled by the need for growth, contribution, and significance. I tried working for other people, the idea of being paid by the hour and having a fixed monthly paycheck, was limiting and it was just killing me”, he recalls. He found his answer when an idea for his first E-Commerce brand came to him whilst going for a run around Ikebukuro – his then local living area in Tokyo.

Starting out was challenging, labourios and overall strenuous- there were a lot of failures and frustrations and he often wanted to quit. However, he persisted and faced every challenge. “We’ll never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it”, he says.

In 2019, he moved back to Slovenia and co-founded an architecture company called Atelier Abroad with his long term partner. It is now becoming a well-renowned architecture studio in the local area. In 2020, he returned his focus back on E-Commerce, consistently earning high revenues month to month.

At the beginning of 2021, he started a mentorship program to teach other aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and scale their own E-Commerce business with time & place flexibility.

Finding Happiness In Mentorship

 He has always aspired to become a mentor/coach/consultant/public speaker. Matic always had a strong desire to help people and change their lives for the better. This feeling continuously drives him and gives him the feeling of fulfillment.

He is always prepared to go the extra mile to bring results to his clients, putting in the time and effort to find the right approach/motivation that will help a particular individual. “Besides that, I don’t treat my clients as clients, but more like friends working beside me. I’m always there for them when they have moments of fear, despair, or frustration.”

His mentorship program helps people jumpstart their journey as an entrepreneur through a low entry barrier business model – helping them develop fundamental E-Commerce skills, and getting them to their first $50k/month in revenue within 90 days of the mentorship.

Vision For The Next Five Years And Life Lessons Learned

Matic is planning to grow a very strong E-Commerce brand in his most passionate niche, which would reap consistent 6-7 figure revenues per month. Over the same period, he is planning to help a minimum of 100 aspiring entrepreneurs succeed with their E-Commerce stores and change their lives.

He is also planning to start investing more time and money over the next few years into the architecture company that he co-owns and transitioning into long-term real estate investments that would be the foundations for long-lasting and sustainable freedom.

Matic shares a lesson he has learned over the years and always imparts to his mentees: “Always start before you are ready. The best time to start/do anything is right now. This applies to literally anything.

Either trying out a new business strategy or going on that trip you always wanted. That way you will prevent fear from building up and you will be able to make the mistakes faster, fail faster, learn faster, succeed faster, and ultimately grow faster.”

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