Fitness and Nutrition Expert Melinda Ryder Shares Her Secrets

Melinda Ryder is a fitness and nutrition expert looking to offer her clients a proven approach through the digital space. Melinda began her journey into nutrition and fitness at a young age. Since she was growing up both her father and her mother made sure she was eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly.

This lifestyle traveled with Melinda through the better part of her young life until she started her own online business. Understanding how saturated the online fitness business has become Melinda looks to offer her clients a no-nonsense approach. She connects with each of her students by online lending advice and guidance on something she has seen work firsthand in her own life. Melinda says this sets her apart from her competition. 

Her parents made sure she was eating healthy food and working out regularly while she was growing up. From nutritious food to weight sessions in her family garage, Melinda has been surrounded by health and fitness since she was a young girl. This has translated into her adult life.

Her passion stems from a young age. While she was young and attending school she was trained to eat healthy fluffing foods instead of the heavily processed foods we see every day. “Growing up this seemed like the worst curse ever, however now I see just how beneficial this was for me.”

“My goal is to assist others and for them to find confidence in themselves to change their life.” Melinda continues by saying fitness and nutrition are life-changing aspects to any individual and with the right guidance and the right advice anyone can change their life if they just put their minds to it.

Melinda also offers some baseline advice for those looking to get started “Courage and discipline is necessary, but baby steps are all that’s needed do not get overwhelmed… the pyramids were not built in a day”

Melinda got started with her business because she noticed an abundance of misinformation circulating the internet and social media specifically. “It’s vital that when people are getting started that they have accurate information that they are referencing”. Her approach is much different. Melinda only works with proven information and gives her clients the personal one-on-one approach they deserve.

She continues by explaining how most of the fitness and nutrition information we see online is misleading and inaccurate stating “This can be detrimental to anyone looking to change their body and become a better version of themselves” 

As a new business owner, Melinda shares her success stories with her community. Recently sharing how her daughter gives her inspiration to help others and to live out her dreams. She has relocated to Florida where she has launched her online business “Melinda Ryder.”

Even though her business is new she is ambitious on all that lays ahead. Melinda encourages anyone to jump-start their fitness journey to message her on Instagram to get started. Melinda’s goal is to find a solution that best suits her client’s needs, from beginners to seasoned individuals looking to start a new program

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